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Salvadore Dali Museum, Florida, United States

Friday 23 Jul 2010

A twist in time

Salvadore Dali Museum by WAN Editorial in Florida, United States
Salvadore Dali Museum by WAN Editorial in Florida, United States Salvadore Dali Museum by WAN Editorial in Florida, United States Salvadore Dali Museum by WAN Editorial in Florida, United States Salvadore Dali Museum by WAN Editorial in Florida, United States Salvadore Dali Museum by WAN Editorial in Florida, United States Salvadore Dali Museum by WAN Editorial in Florida, United States
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27/07/10 Alexander Climb, Newhaven, PT
Why would they build a museum for Dali in Florida? Everybody knows that the one and only Dali museum in the world is in Figueras (Spain). This horrific building has nothing to do with Dali's style and any reinterpretation of his art is painfully unjust.
27/07/10 J. Hal Caton, AIA, CBO, Houston
The stair is certianly the focal point of the atrium and, in all probability, it is not a means of egress. Therefore, I doubt that it has a more important role than being an object of admiration. As an architect/code consultant, I can only hope that the guardrail and handrail (still required) are done as artfully as the stair itself... Yes, it will be interesting to see it when finished.
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27/07/10 Hervin Romney AIA, Miami
Yann Weymouth, the architect at HOK in charge of this also did the
Glass Pyramid and more, at the Louvre, for IMPei, and more recently
completed the Frost Museum at Floria international University in Miami Miami.
Hervin Romney AIA
26/07/10 patrick J. Quinn FAIA, Albany
It will be interesting to see the finished building. Perhaps at last we will be able to see the larger paintings in some comfort.
I cannot understand why your article features four photos of a stairway which is bare bones and which will never look that way when the code-required handrails are added. Surely the stairs has a more important role to play than as an object of admiration.

Patrick J. Quinn, FAIA
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HOK to receive Novum Design Excellence Award for iconic Salvador Dali Museum 

The Salvador Dali Museum has moved premises once again as visitor numbers continue to climb. Started by friends and patrons of the legendary Catalan artist Albert and Eleanor Morse when their personal collection reached mammoth levels, the museum has gathered a huge following over its 39 years in operation. Dali himself presided over the opening of the Morse’s first Salvador Dali Museum in Beachwood Ohio.

International architecture firm HOK are currently constructing a magnificent third home in St Petersburg, Florida, for the extensive collection of oil paintings, watercolours, drawings, graphics, photographs and sculptures available for display. The specially clad structure is comprised of more than nine hundred triangular-shaped glass panels that form the protruding bulges entitled ‘the Igloo’ at 45 ft tall and ‘the Enigma’ at more than 75ft tall. No two glass panels within the curving glass structures are identical so they provide a truly unique view of St. Petersburg’s picturesque waterfront.

Whilst the undulating forms may appear delicate and slight, they have been designed to withstand Florida’s buffeting storms with thick concrete walls protecting the priceless artworks inside from the gusts of up to a Category 5 hurricane (165 mph winds). The museum’s interior is a treat for the eyes of any architect, with a stunning spiral staircase gracefully winding its way up into the transparent ‘Enigma’ echoing the cross-section of a nautilus shell.

The new Dali building at 6,130 sq m will provide space for education of school groups, visitor orientation and classrooms, temporary exhibitions to complement the Dali collection, an indoor/outdoor café and a rentable community room. Placed on the third floor to protect it from water and wind, the largest collection of Dali’s artwork outside Spain will have plenty of room for its spacious display. Rooftop solar panels supply hot water for museum humidity control reheat and hot water supply whilst insulated 18 inch thick reinforced concrete walls provide thermal mass to building.

The Michelin Guide has ranked the institution as the most popular museum in the American South with 200,000 annual visitors; its popularity is set to increase with the stunning new architecture now rivalling the artistic treasures displayed within. St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker commented: “This extraordinary new museum will be a crown jewel to St. Petersburg’s growing cultural renaissance. The building design is an unforgettable work of art.”

Unsurprisingly, HOK’s bold design for the Salvador Dali Museum has not gone unnoticed by certified bodies, and in August this year HOK will be accepting the Novum Design Excellence Award in recognition of their iconic design in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Salvador Dali Museum is slated to open to the public in January 2011.

Design Director Yann Weymouth commented: “HOK is thrilled to accept the award and the recognition it represents. We are proud of our work and of all our collaborators, of the Museum, Beck construction and of Novum, who worked closely with us to adapt their structural system to our needs and the tough requirements of hurricane resistance.”

Sian Disson
News Editor

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Status Under construction
Value 23(m€)
WAN Editorial

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