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Sub-Biosphere 2

Wednesday 07 Jul 2010

The life aquatic

Sub-Biosphere 2 by Pauley Interactive
Pauley Interactive 
Sub-Biosphere 2 by Pauley Interactive Sub-Biosphere 2 by Pauley Interactive Sub-Biosphere 2 by Pauley Interactive Sub-Biosphere 2 by Pauley Interactive
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Award Entry

Pauley Interactive designs a habitable ecosystem under the sea 

The Sub-Biosphere 2 is the original self-sustainable underwater habitat designed for aquanauts, tourism and oceanographic life sciences and longterm human, plant and animal habitation. This unique underwater habitat sustains all its life support systems for air, water, food, electricity, and other resources through its innovative control of variant atmospheric pressures that occur at depth.

SBS2 is a seed bank with eight Living Biomes to allow human, plant and fresh water interaction, powered and controlled by the Central Support Biome which monitors the life systems from within its own operations facility.

The diameter of the entire Sub-Biosphere site is 1,105 ft, at a height of 394 ft above sea level, while the site's width is the equivalent of approximately 3 American football pitches. Designed by Phil Pauley and visualised by Pauley Interactive, the Sub-Biosphere 2 has been posted to generate interest for an X Prize entry.

Key Facts

Status Concept design
Value 0(m€)
Pauley Interactive
Reinventing Cities

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