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AlpspiX, Alpspitze, Germany

Monday 05 Jul 2010

Room with a view

AlpspiX by WAN Editorial in Alpspitze, Germany
AlpspiX by WAN Editorial in Alpspitze, Germany AlpspiX by WAN Editorial in Alpspitze, Germany AlpspiX by WAN Editorial in Alpspitze, Germany
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09/07/10 Nikounderthesun, Manila, Philippines
This design is a good viewing platform, just a viewing platform... nothing more, notihng less...... This structure is only sharing the fame of this natural wonder but failed to do so just because it is a viewing platform..... I don't have to go to that structure just to see its beauty. I could have just gone to the edge of that cliff and get a better view. I thought it was a waste of money, but who cares, many tourist will surely be attracted of this structure....
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08/07/10 Doug, Vancouver
yet another architectural joke - a phenomenological bore - and an insult to environment - common sense, place and an earth sensibility continue to be eroded by such ill-conceived interventions.
06/07/10 jayne, england
This turned my stomach, what a waste of money.
06/07/10 James, Amsterdam
I'm afraid I agree, the embrace here is not so elegant.
06/07/10 Luis, North Vancouver
It is a piece of junk on top of thousands of years of geological evolution.
A breathtaking stupidity.
06/07/10 Philip, Hay River
Spectacular! In the Canadian arctic and sub-arctic, however, we have learned through practice that "grid-like form[s] so that snow can fall through them in the winter" are a nice idea, but flawed in operation in that snow rapidly clumps together over the openings, causing virtually the same build-up of snow as if the surface were solid. This is compounded by foot traffic that packs the snow. Further, snow removal from such walking surfaces can be impeded by the underlying grid that catches the shovel edge. Incised pressure-treated wood boards transverse to the walking path, although potentially damaged by snow clearing, are "easily repaired or replaced using universally available materials and carpentry skill."
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06/07/10 walter, texas
Where is the elegant embrace? Looks like something built without the benefit of an architect. The environmentalist is right on this one...take it down.
06/07/10 Phil, Clearwater
Was it necessary to spend all of that money so that someone could get a cheap thrill?
06/07/10 Darren, Accra
Love the idea, but really could have been done better. Designed by an over-careful engineer. Far to chunky, where is Peter Zumthor when you need him... Nice try - no banana.
06/07/10 Tony, New York
It is a not great knock-off, of the less then stellar one they built at the Grand Canyon a few years ago.

Watch your step on the AlpspiX Viewing Platform and take in the breathtaking panoramic scenery of the Zugspitz Region 

Not for the faint hearted, the AlpspiX Viewing Platform was opened to rapturous applause on Sunday. The protruding structure is the brainchild of German architect Dieter Wallmann and provides an accessible viewing alternative to those unable to attempt the climb by foot. Hovering over the 1000m sheer drop below, the two steel beams cross one another in a quietly elegant embrace, ending in a sheet of clear protective glass.

Whilst the new viewing platform has been warmly received by many, Sunday’s opening ceremony was somewhat marred by the intrusion of an environmental activist, who likened the bridge to a ‘fast food experience’. Hanging himself from the end of the structure, Stefan Glowacz's daring stunt raised the eternal question of when should man stop interfering with nature. Also attending the ribbon cutting was a host of classically German figures, including a lederhosen-clad band and several catholic priests, who blessed the bridge with the sign of the cross and holy water.

Weighing in at a mighty 30 tonnes each, the platforms have been constructed in a grid-like form so that snow can fall through them in the winter, permitting year-round tourism to the scenic hotspot. Also recently completed is The Summit Adventure Round Trail – a family-friendly 700m walk, suitable for all ages and most abilities. At regular intervals along the trail visitors can find information points, educating them on the alpine flora, fauna and geology of the beautiful area.

The ascent and descent to these new attractions in the Alpspitzbahn cable car costs €22 per adult. Children ages 6 to 18 who are accompanied by a parent pay €3.Admission to the AlpspiX Viewing Platform is free.

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