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The Golden Box, Singapore

Friday 18 Jun 2010

K2LD hits the jackpot

The Golden Box by K2LD Architects in Singapore
K2LD Architects Pte Ltd 
The Golden Box by K2LD Architects in Singapore The Golden Box by K2LD Architects in Singapore The Golden Box by K2LD Architects in Singapore The Golden Box by K2LD Architects in Singapore The Golden Box by K2LD Architects in Singapore The Golden Box by K2LD Architects in Singapore
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04/10/10 dicb, london
Beautiful project..elegant, impecable..the proportions are very nice..the use of materials an important achievement...it reminds the beauty and elegance of the Barcelona Pavillion of Mies.

New residence in Singapore shrouded in 'golden veil' to blur boundaries between private and public spheres 

K2LD’s intention during the design process for the ‘Golden Box’ was to define and blur the visual threshold between the public and private areas of the house. The transparency of the house decreases in ascending order as per the area’s functional requirements. All surfaces clearly express their openness of the daily living habits and rituals and the boundary walls mediate between the inside and outside spaces.

Behind the glass wall is a row of bamboo for screening, which acts as the foreground for the floating golden mesh and serves as a backdrop for the glass box on the ground level. The middle box is the main feature of the house, screened in varying porosity of golden mesh. This golden mesh acts as a light veil over the private glassed areas of the 2nd storey whilst, during the night, the screen dissolves and unveils the events within the house when the interior is lit. The attic is conceived as being an opaque box clad in aluminum panels that create a monolithic sense of tranquility and yet appear to be lightweight.

The structure’s owner wanted to utilise every surface of the floor plate whilst retaining the flexibility of adapting to different uses in the future. The living/dining/family areas are therefore all combined into a singular large open space. The reduction of the walls to compartmentalise the spaces allows for and additional level of flexibility. There are no corridors as passageways are widened to become usable spaces and the partition walls between rooms allow for a variety of uses.

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K2LD Architects

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