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Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Las Vegas, United States

Friday 21 May 2010

No mirage

Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health by Gehry Partners, LLP in Las Vegas, United States
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Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health by Gehry Partners, LLP in Las Vegas, United States Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health by Gehry Partners, LLP in Las Vegas, United States Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health by Gehry Partners, LLP in Las Vegas, United States
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18/10/12 Abdul-Halim Jabr, Beirut LB
In the 15thC, in a hospital in Edirne, a city in western Turkey, the Ottomans cured all sorts of psychological and mental dysfunctions with music. Patients would sit in a spacious courtyard, dominated by a central water basin filled with fragrant flowers, while musicians soothed their senses with sound and poetry.
Frank Gehry is gifted in space and form; the interiors of many of his masterpieces are truly beautiful (Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, Disney Concert Hall in LA, etc...). As far as I'm concerned, the jury is still out on the Las Vegas "thing". Too much designer ego and architectural trophy-ism for clinics.
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31/12/10 Prof Jitendra Singh, Patna, India
True architecture following 'form representing function"
Very interesting. You need to see the photograph from front to understand the project philosophy
21/12/10 roberto, Miramar, florida
With all do respect for Mr. Gehry, I will dare to call this building the perfect marriage between Dr. Hekill and Mr. Hyde shadow. And this feeling is increased looking at the rectiliniar and pure form of the clinic building form emerging from underneath Mr. Gehry's signature stainless steel sculptural forms. Bravo, Senor Architect.
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14/12/10 wolfgang731, coral gables
Gehry is the ultimate hit and miss architect. When he gets it rights, it's a thrilling and invigorating experience; however, when the opposite is true, it's a sad testament, indeed. In my humble and, might I add, unprofessional opinion, the Lou Rove Center falls dead center into the latter category. It is, in short, a visual assault. It’s a massive stainless steel blob that resembles nothing more than a multi-storey building that has collapsed onto itself. One question: In the dead of summer, when the desert sun and heat are relentless doesn’t’ the surface radiate a considerable amount of heat? Is this even an energy efficient structure? We all know that Gehry is more than just a one trick pony but this tendency to fall back on his already overdone signature style is becoming tiresome not to mention, irrelevant. He’s quickly becoming a parody of himself. Having an instantly recognizable signature style is not necessarily a bad thing; however, when said style seems to be nothing more than warmed up leftovers then what’s the point? This building is last week’s leftovers warmed up in a microwave and left out to further bake in the desert sun. It is quite ugly and comes in a close second to the Experience Music Project, which just has to be Gehry’s ugliest building to date.
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01/09/10 Gary, Seattle
Stunning, beautiful, complex. This would have needed some very precise manufacturing and some great field problem solving not to mention the problems with plumbing and elec. I love it. I also do not understand the comments prior to mine. Doesn't anyone have a sense of adventure and fun?
Get a life
10/06/10 Sharie Kennedy Williams, Toronto
LOVE this building! Frank Gehry has designed a building that will become a landmark bringing attention to both the cause of the health care center it houses, as well as the city.
08/06/10 mac stirling, brisbane
Or...as UK Urban Planner Paul Murrain would say...
"Avent guard architects are answering questions which no body is asking!"
03/06/10 tapeesh, delhi
two exremely different functions coming together in one structure , but I
do not see a connect either visually or programatically.
Though the structure does have a flair which as usual doesnt correspond to any order or rhythm.Specially in the stainless steel facade is scary....!!!
29/05/10 gil, fresno
This is Gehry. When you see this building you will instantly know who the architect is. Just like a fine painting or sculpture, you will know who the artist is. His thinking is clearly outside the box. Functional art! The brilliants of Picasso was the imaginative aspect of his work. Something we sadly lose as we age.
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28/05/10 Reg White, Hamilton BDA
The Emperor has no clothes !

Exclusive images of Gehry's stunning new project, brought to you by WAN 

After years of trying to woo Frank Gehry to design a building in Las Vegas, which the architect has refused to do on countless occasions, the city finally gets its Gehry. While the signature steel forms of the Lou Ruvo Center may at first suggest the building is just another Gehry project, think again. What distinguishes this Gehry design from the rest is that it is the only one for hire, not to mention that the building has received critical praise from the Los Angeles Times architecture critic, Christopher Hawthorne, as having the most impressive Gehry-designed interior space since the architect’s Disney Concert Hall in 2003.

The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, which officially opened Friday, is a leading research centre for degenerative brain diseases. Gehry agreed to design the building only after discovering he shared a bond with its founder, Larry Ruvo. Both men suffered personal losses to degenerative brain diseases. Ruvo lost his father to Alzheimer’s disease and Gehry’s analyst’s wife succumbed to Huntington’s disease. United in tragedy, the two men set out to design a world-class brain research center in the desert, gambling on the clinic’s excellent reputation and Gehry’s star power to ensure its success.

The $100 million complex comprises two wings connected by an open courtyard: a dedicated research center, located at the northern end of the building, and a ‘for-hire’ event space, dubbed the Life Activity Center, located at the southern end. Architecturally, the two spaces are dramatically different and yet together they form a cohesive whole. The four-storey clinic, which houses medical offices, patient rooms and research space, is rational. Clad in stucco and glass and resembling a series of stacked white blocks, it takes on a conventional, rectilinear geometry. By contrast, the Life Activity Center is a soaring sculptural volume tucked beneath a signature Gehry stainless steel roof. Designed as an event space, it can be rented out for parties, weddings and special occasions with the proceeds going to fund the center’s research.

While the first blush reviews of the building have been good, the expectations for the Center are high and exceed garnering architectural accolades. Las Vegas suffers from one of the highest unemployment rates, 14 percent, in the country. The city sees the clinic, which sits at the far south of Symphony Park, as the catalyst it desperately needs to restart the stalled 60-acre, mixed-use revitalization project. The city also needs to diversify its economy beyond gambling. A major medical centre would be a good start. At the opening, the Cleveland Clinic announced its intentions to expand its focus and its presence in Las Vegas beyond the Ruvo Center, perhaps adding cardiology services next with the future promise of growing a full service hospital there.

Sharon McHugh
US Correspondent

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