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A-cero Concrete House

Friday 07 May 2010

Cubism with concrete

A-cero Concrete House by A-cero
A-cero Concrete House by A-cero A-cero Concrete House by A-cero A-cero Concrete House by A-cero A-cero Concrete House by A-cero A-cero Concrete House by A-cero A-cero Concrete House by A-cero
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11/05/10 V.Green, Ramsgate
This style is certainly not "Cubism".
Cubism is 20th century Art Movement represented especially by Picasso. Very good examples of Cubism architecture are in Prague.
This house is more likely Modernism which should be functional - "Form follows function" and of coarse is striking and dramatic. I agree with Temoor from Madrid. Modernism is not exactly boring style.
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11/05/10 Temoor, Madrid
Why does something have to be "Functional YET dramatic" or "striking YET functional"? I had no idea the two were mutually exclusive.

Lovely project

Functional yet dramatic residential home from A-cero 

Spanish architecture firm A-cero have recently designed a striking yet functional 1,500 sq m residential property. The property has been designed using grey concrete with a wide black pergola in order to create a dramatic effect on first sight. Large windows have been installed in the facade to provide extensive views of the attractive surrounding countryside.

The property has two levels which have been built according to the slope of the house's plot. The first floor, reached via pedestrian access, has an area of 653 sq m. This level has been divided into three areas: a family area (lounge, dining room, kitchen, office and living room), a private section with four bedrooms, baths and dressing-rooms, and a free time and relaxation space, open to the exterior and swimming pool through a wide porch. On the ground floor there is a gymnasium, a wine vault and cleaning rooms.

Exterior and interior spaces are merged through several patios to create bright and open spaces for everyday living. The white walls and clean and clear decorations in these patio areas contrast with the dark wood the house's grounds. The 45 sq m swimming pool and porch's grounds are made of granite abujardado. In this exterior area there is also a summer dining room and a relaxation area covered by a movable pergola.


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