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Al Ain Hospital, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Thursday 29 Apr 2010

A model example

Al Ain Hospital by Faust Consult in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Faust Consult 
Al Ain Hospital by Faust Consult in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates Al Ain Hospital by Faust Consult in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates Al Ain Hospital by Faust Consult in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates Al Ain Hospital by Faust Consult in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
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Major new hospital aims to set the bar for future healthcare in the Middle East 

The built environment of care is often underestimated in its contribution to creating a healing environment. To improve the care and health of patients, whose mental and physical health are compromised, health care facilities should be constructed and operated as healing and healthy environments. The new unique design of Al Ain Hospital addresses this issue and understands that healthcare extends beyond the medical care provided to the physical environment in which a patient is treated.

The new Al Ain Hospital is and will continue to be a prominent symbol for excellence and continuously provide unconditional care for its patients. The new hospital integrates state of the art technology and focuses on design to create a therapeutic environment for which patients are able to rebuild their mental and physical well being.

Al Ain Hospital will be a prime example of how sustainability is able to promote one of a kind healthcare. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient design elements, such as solar panels that store energy for later use, sophisticated low air velocity conditioning systems, insulation which is three to four times thicker than average, allowing a reduction in cooling load, and lush indoor gardens fill the multi-storey atrium entrance hall, increasing the air quality amongst all spaces throughout the facility.

Sustainability also focuses not just on energy reduction, but as well as the materials patients and staff are surrounded by on an everyday basis. The Interior design materials selected conform to the highest sustainable standards of low emitting products. A well-balanced lighting design, and the abundant use of natural light engage all areas of the hospital to ensure that occupant wellness is maintained at the highest level.

Al Ain Hospital envisions a health system where patients and staff interact in a healing environment that embraces safer building products, clean air, reduced toxins, safe working practices, energy and water efficiency, and a commitment to public health demonstrated through implementing sustainable innovations. The hospital sees a system that recognises the link between our choices and our health, and is continuously working to make that system a reality by creating a national movement in the UAE for environmental sustainability in health care. Al Ain will be seen as a model for future healthcare projects to come in the region and also around the world.

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Faust Consult
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