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Solar City Tower, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Wednesday 31 Mar 2010

Going for green at the Olympics

Solar City Tower by RAFAA in Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Solar City Tower by RAFAA in Rio de Janiero, Brazil Solar City Tower by RAFAA in Rio de Janiero, Brazil Solar City Tower by RAFAA in Rio de Janiero, Brazil Solar City Tower by RAFAA in Rio de Janiero, Brazil Solar City Tower by RAFAA in Rio de Janiero, Brazil Solar City Tower by RAFAA in Rio de Janiero, Brazil
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10/04/12 Cj, Bella Vista, AR
It is beautiful. I would love to see it created. Congratulations on the concept.
24/08/11 Watts,, TX
Am I on another planet?! What is up with all these NEGATIVE comments?! Are you all crazy?! This is a beautiful structure, even awe-inspiring. It is a wonderful blend of form and function. It is minimally invasive to the environment and no one will get sick from pollution or have to fight a war to keep it's energy working as long as the sun is in the sky and the water is in the sea.
As for the cost - if more brilliant architects and nations invest in such products, the price would eventually become not only manageable but cost efficient. Remember how much calculator's were 30 years ago. Now they come standard in some wallets for free.
It's ignorant and short sided thinking that keeps REAL progress in energy from global acceptance. Shame on you critics!
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21/02/11 Wayne, Wash. D.C.
It's the tower of babel.
22/11/10 awa, paris
I find that perfect project comes naturally to Brazil to try to show some of his genius. I do not think this will be the symbol of the domination of mankind over nature: we will not ask the French to destroy the Eiffel Tower because it is a domination of the human race on the world, we will not asked the Americans to move the statue of liberty as a domination of mankind over nature. Do not judge people too quickly and then it could be a great step for mankind to Ecology
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18/11/10 James, Paris
Funny: As i recall : i can't remenber even the existence of the island ! For Christ sake!!!

Good one!

Will it be build too??

Ask the Carnival Designers in Rio to build it from the sea!
28/07/10 anas, Riyadh
Frank Lloyd Wright respected "Nature" with his Fallingwater residence...
Rafaa is violating "Nature" with an arrogant Rafaamade waterfall...
16/07/10 Wilton, France
Unsuitable for the city of Rio. Anti-ecological and avoiur designed without knowledge of the city and its culture. Given the beauty of the sites on the coast carioca this project will create new environmental problems. Besides, I advocated that only Brazilian architects propose projects for Brazil. Of course the Brazilians are also open as the markets first world countries are open to Brazilians. ;)
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28/06/10 Thomas, Durban
Typical arty farty concept. Why don't the gentlemen get some engineering input for the , you know, problems! (and there are many). It will never be built!
27/05/10 Adriana, Zürich
I like the project but really hope that Rio will find a better place to build it. It interferes negatively on the landscape and it is too big for such a small island.
25/05/10 João, Madrid
I just love this. I thank the gods for architectural ingenuity... in providing my home town with another a great landmark. It suits the city in perfection.

RAFAA’s Solar City Tower for Rio 2016 games features energy-generating waterfall 

The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games set a new standard for sustainable buildings, with several receiving LEED certification and the 2012 London games are poised to eclipse that mark. The 2016 summer games in Rio, seeking to be the first zero-carbon footprint games, may go even further in the green race based on this entry from Swiss architects RAFAA Architecture and Design.

The Solar City Tower is a solar power plant that by day produces energy for Rio de Janeiro as well as the Olympic village and a pumped seawater storage system to generate power at night. A special feature of the building is the urban waterfall, which on special occasions will be created by pumping water over the edges of the building to be a ‘symbol of the forces of nature,’ according to Rafael Schmidt of RAFAA.

The tower can be accessed is through an urban plaza and amphitheater 60 meters above sea level, which can be used for social gatherings and events. A cafeteria and shop are on the Atlantic Ocean side of the 105-meter tower, behind the waterfall, and will have ‘spectacular views,’ according to the architects. The top floor has an observation deck with 360-degree views of Rio and the ocean while the 90.5 level has a retractable bungee platform for thrill-seekers.

Jennifer Potash
News Editor

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