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Grand Canal Square Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

Monday 15 Mar 2010

Libeskind takes centre stage in Dublin

Grand Canal Square Theatre by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Dublin, Ireland
Grand Canal Square Theatre by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Dublin, Ireland Grand Canal Square Theatre by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Dublin, Ireland Grand Canal Square Theatre by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Dublin, Ireland Grand Canal Square Theatre by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Dublin, Ireland
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26/04/10 Andrei, Bucharest
i like it :D its very dynamic [thumbs up]
20/03/10 Tutu, Hangzhou
The sharp shapes really make me feel uncomfortable... Maybe it is good for the dead, but it is good for the living.
19/03/10 cacofonix, Dublin
I'm sure Martha Schwarz won't be happy with her design for Grand Canal Square being attributed to Mr LIbeskind!
19/03/10 Kieran, London
Capricious, self-indulgent form-making devoid of meaning, beauty or intellectual appeal.
19/03/10 Regina, Manchester
It’s amazing to think that a supposedly project-specific architectural vocabulary designed to represent the explicit sadness, suffering and tragedy that was the Holocaust can be so easily co-opted for, and so casually grafted onto another building used for entertainment and amusement in another city. It calls into question the intellectual integrity of Libeskind's argument for the Jewish Museum and arguably makes a mockery of his own work.
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17/03/10 Arduiles, GometsGomez
It's a weak project vwith very unsatisfying forms. Essentially its just a bunch of Libeskind's trademark gimmicks, pulled out of his bag of tricks and thrown together around a fairly standard auditorium.
16/03/10 cacofonix, dublin
I think you'll find that the "iconic red carpet" was actually designed by Martha Schwartz http://www.marthaschwartz.com/prjts/civic/dublin/dublin.html and preceded the construction of the theatre.
16/03/10 farhad, minsk
Irish city dublin was probably the last city inbetween european capitals which could preserve historical wholeness of the sity....... now thair bigest friends yankie made them a gift - "trojan horse" of "contemporary architectural thought".....
16/03/10 Seymour Auerbach, F.A.I.A., CHEVY CHASE, MD
Te wrties of all the previous letters should understand that this is not lousy architecture! It's just that Libeskind finally tried an orthagonal, square-planed building AND IT TOPPLED OVER! Too Bad!!!!!!!!
16/03/10 Makiba, Crydon
What is in the offering when one utters the words "meaningless diagonals" and what, if not an empty rhetorical meaningless flourishes? Such comments only prompts additional cynicism in this age of cynicism, that is also a meaningless outcry of brainlessness. Libeskind is qualified to portray his diagonals at whatever angles he determines, he determines how his aesthetics is presented, and as far as that is concerned he has earned the right as his design prerogative and that of no other Designer..
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$75m USD theatre complex opens this week 

The Grand Canal Square Theatre in Dublin is classic Daniel Libeskind: brave, full of life, dramatic lines and striking colour. It will no doubt immediately become a major landmark in the Irish capital. The 2,000- seat performance venue is the core of a wider, mixed-use complex comprising a pair of eight-floor commercial blocks, five-star hotel and residential block.

Libeskind describes his aim for the project, “To create a truly vibrant 24/7 community, commercial, retail, residential and cultural components must communicate in a fluid and transparent dialogue. For the Grand Canal project, I wanted to integrate the commercial buildings with the adjacent retail, residential and cultural components and with the public space by designing multi-storey glazed atria. Although both offices are designed in the same architectural language, each responds to the site in its own unique way. Two Grand Canal Square, which is adjacent to the new 2,000-seat theatre, opens up towards the Square, while 4 and 5 Grand Canal Square, in conjunction with the theatre, form a dramatic gateway to Grand Canal Harbour.”

Dublin, like the many contemporary performing spaces that go before it, is oriented around the water’s edge. Sydney undoubtedly started the trend but more recently, we have seen Snohetta’s Oslo opera house, HLT’s Copenhagen Opera house, Calatrava’s Tenerife Opera house, Foster’s Sage at Gateshead and Herzog De Meuron’s Elbe Philharmonic hall in Hamburg. Libeskind has unashamedly embraced the waterfront added more than a touch of drama with his iconic 'red carpet' leading from the entrance to the water’s edge.

Talking about the theatre itself, Libeskind expands, “The architectural concept of the theatre is based on stages: the stage of the theatre itself, the stage of the piazza, and the stage of the multiple-level theatre lobby above the piazza. The theatre becomes the main façade of a large public piazza that has a five-star hotel and residences on one side and an office building on the other.”

The developers, Chartered Land are clearly expecting the complex to attract a huge number of visitors and it will be supported by a full array of integrated transport links including a new four-lane bridge currently under construction.


Most of the performing venues mentioned above, including the Dublin Grand Canal Square Theatre are featured in Performing Architecture, see below:

Michael Hammond

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