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NeoTown - Bangalore South, Bangalore, India

Thursday 11 Mar 2010

Bangalore masterplan launched

NeoTown - Bangalore South by Andy Fisher workshop in Bangalore, India
Copyright Andy Fisher workshop Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. 
NeoTown - Bangalore South by Andy Fisher workshop in Bangalore, India NeoTown - Bangalore South by Andy Fisher workshop in Bangalore, India NeoTown - Bangalore South by Andy Fisher workshop in Bangalore, India
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24/04/10 Ashutosh, New Delhi
Well, I am a LEED AP & Senior Architect and working on sustainable projects across india, only car based development does not mean that the project is not sustainable. Sustianable developments are site specific in this part of world & key to sucess is "Energy Efficiency". The key is how energy efficient your building will be, rest are all interlinked.
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29/03/10 Richard, Wadhurst
Cheap cars look like being the way to get around in India for the forseeable future then... where is the vision, the bold decision making to ban the car? Same old, same old.
19/03/10 WillG, Washington, DC
Sad, this is a missed opportunity for green roofs. Bangalore needs improved air quality, as well as better storm water runoff management. Why AFW didn't design them in is beyond me. I read a critique of this design (http://cleanerairforcities.blogspot.com/2010/03/missed-opportunity-in-bangalores.html) Is it too late to redo the roof design??
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17/03/10 Denise, Melbourne
Sadly I must agree with the other 2 comments. The article title reads Sustainable Success - so what has been accomplished here? Please don't tell me it's the lake and a green roof I can see in one of the images.
16/03/10 anon, NYC
Why are we trying to recreate a Plano Texas in a developing country?
16/03/10 DanB, Houston
From what I can see in the three pictures provided, this looks like it will be a very unfriendly place for pedestrians; it looks like it is just another US-style suburban edge city. I think of India as a place teaming with pedestrians, cyclists, and pedicabs, but I see little of that in the renderings or the planning shown in them. Too bad! It is being set up for failure.
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16/03/10 Mimar, NYC
Looks like a car based development. What is sustainable about this?

Sustainable success for Andy Fisher Workshop's 50 hectare plan 

Bangalore’s latest urban expansion, designed by Andy Fisher workshop, was launched recently as a blueprint for future sustainable developments by Patel Realty. The 50 hectare development has been formulated to encompass environmental strategies, business incubators, commercial facilities, social, recreational and lifestyle needs. Offering a broad range of residential developments, catering to residents from a diverse cross-section of the market, Patel Realty hope to provide a new opportunity for locals to live, work and grow.

The growth of the development will be closely controlled through master guidelines which have been adopted to ensure that a flexible mix of buildings will create a vibrant and diverse blend of community and architecture.

The masterplan is structured around a central spine connecting three major precincts, separated by a lake and landscaped parkland. With water being a scarce commodity in Bangalore, the lake forms an integral aspect of the waste re-cycling and harvesting strategy for the development. If successful, NeoTown Bangalore will be used by Patel Realty to further develop it's current formula and apply it to future urban developments in India and overseas.

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Andy Fisher workshop

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