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Dharavi District Redevelopment, Mumbai, India

Friday 26 Feb 2010

A collaborative effort

Dharavi District Redevelopment by OWP/P | Cannon Design in Mumbai, India
OWP/P | Cannon Design, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects, Chicago Consultants Studio 
Dharavi District Redevelopment by OWP/P | Cannon Design in Mumbai, India Dharavi District Redevelopment by OWP/P | Cannon Design in Mumbai, India Dharavi District Redevelopment by OWP/P | Cannon Design in Mumbai, India Dharavi District Redevelopment by OWP/P | Cannon Design in Mumbai, India
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19/04/10 Sachin Mulay, Mumbai
It is indeed a very good effort that questions the way typically the schools are planned; which is especially reflected in the flexible interiors full of surprises & playfulness. Although, it would be amazing to see it reflected on its exteriors which looks a bit disconnected from the vibrancy it encloses inside.
Dharavi is one of the boldest examples in Mumbai that reflects a high contrast between the alienated new developments and the existing self-organized settlements (e.g. Bandra-Kurla Complex); the proposed redevelopment can play an instrumental role in easing this disconnection if the exteriors of it communicate the egalitarian environment it promises inside.
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19/04/10 Kaustav gupta, Mumbai
The Interior layout is quite innovative and liberating. The roof also shows potential for flexible shaded/partially shaded interactive environment. However, the facade system is still in question. Use of glass is alright, if the orientation, solar angle and heat gain are considered. The facade indicates some kind of screen wall, which with designed variations, could be a great way to incorporate the climate issues. Also, one needs to understand the economic viability of such a project and choose material accordingly.
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02/03/10 Debmalya Guha, Boston
This seems a very interesting approach with a innovative bend that deserves appreciation.

But was wondering why so much glass was used, at one hand it increases the cost atleast 10 times and is also not suitable for Mumbai climate. More over it will call for airconditioning further increasing the cost carbon footprint.
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Award Entry

A symbol of the future and a celebration of cultural heritage 

Both primary and secondary schools would be developed using the same base building module, allowing for ease of transition between the school types as the demand for education shifts based on demographics. A primary design driver was maximisation of efficiency and space so that every area within the building supports teaching and learning.

The architects believe there are two essential skills in the 21st century; creativity and collaboration. Without these elements, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving cannot occur. Education across the globe is transforming from a pedagogy that trains children to be information receptors to a pedagogy that trains future generations to be knowledge seekers. An environment that supports Howard Gardner’s 'multiple intelligences' theory is imperative; it must provide a diversity of teaching and learning spaces to support a wide range of learners. Flow and agility will be intrinsic in these spaces so that the knowledge sharing and relationship between teacher and learner is constantly enhanced.

Smart and sustainable cities are supported by a diversity of interconnected systems and infrastructure that enhance the human condition. These include entertainment, green spaces, housing, education, transportation, public safety, health, energy and technology. A city grows like an organism and as it increases in size it increases in efficiency. Furthermore, a city is a natural innovation hub that has the innate ability to self-organise and design creative, sustainable solutions that enhance human life. The Dharavi district redevelopment represents a core belief in sustainable city design, anchored by a new education model—sustainable foremost in its ability to educate future citizens of the world.

Key Facts

Status Concept design
Value 0(m€)
OWP/P | Cannon Design

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