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Bolton eco house, Bolton, United Kingdom

Wednesday 10 Feb 2010

Fresh as a daisy

Bolton eco house by Make Architects in Bolton, United Kingdom
Make Architects 
Bolton eco house by Make Architects in Bolton, United Kingdom Bolton eco house by Make Architects in Bolton, United Kingdom Bolton eco house by Make Architects in Bolton, United Kingdom Bolton eco house by Make Architects in Bolton, United Kingdom Bolton eco house by Make Architects in Bolton, United Kingdom
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14/01/11 Neville Grady, Bolton
How can a pillock of a Dutchman, with a name like Wissing, (I do it in the toilet several times a day!) who lives in a country with no dramatic scenery, appreciate the effect this effing awful development will have on this West Pennine Moorland? I bet he doesn't even know what a Green Belt is! There is no benefit to doubt. How stupid can you get recommending to build it to see how it comes out?
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07/12/10 G A Wissing, Rotterdam
For Gods' sake, stop petty quarreling. Build the place, it is a beautyful solution that respects, even enhances greenbelt qualities. Give it the benefit of the doubt, see how it comes out.
16/04/10 Neville Grady, Bolton
Roy your eco-energy-speak is to be admired!.Plain English would have been better!

Sifting through your comments I quite agree with your stance and agree with everything that the design of this house is promoting. I DO NOT agree with where it is proposed to be built. GREEN BELT LAND in this heavily populated part of England is sacrosanct and should NOT be built upon however laudable the design is. Gary Neville should go and build the effing thing somewhere else!
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23/03/10 Roy @ HomescapeDesign, Sedgefield-SouthAfrica
The Bolton Eco-House inspires renewed hope for Environmental Architecture.
Geothermal HeatPump is useful, the tall-tower wind-turbine is not an only option - check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVX3Wng4wNc
It's also time to open our hearts & minds to Alternative Energy Options for Holistic Earthian LifeStyle - E.g: Over-Unity generators.
It's up to us as Architects to encourage/facilitate Global Society to further free itself from the hypnotic dependence on Fossil-Fuels, and turn up the volume/demand for progressive zero-emission local micro>macro energy systems.
The technology is with us - we can still be grateful for the benefits which Oil (Ancient Forests) provided until now - it's just time to shift gear toward the Evolutionary imperatives of appropriate Energy Design.
The Power Grid can then become a communal power-sharing resource, transcendent of the patriarchal power control system - macro>micro - it has been.
(Intuitively, many are uncomfortable with giant windturbine developments - they are merely an extension of the unequitable patriarchal power-control syndrome).
Small is beautiful . . .
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04/03/10 Neville, Bolton
Claire from Bolton! Eco friendly house...OK..... but NOT on Green Belt land. You obviously care for the environment. Doesn't this include preservation of what few green spaces there are left around this part of Lancashire?
01/03/10 Claire, Bolton
For goodness sake - someone wants to build an eco friendly property underground - yet people are still moaning. I think its an exciting, unique and very well considered project form what i have seen and i am crossing eveyrthing that it gets planning permission!! Well done Make! Keep us posted on progress.
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20/02/10 Neville Grady, Bolton, Lancashire
Nowhere in this article does it mention that the house proposed will be built on Green Belt land! It doesn't say either that included in the planning application is a 54 metre high wind turbine!<p>

Stuart Fraser says “The client....is passionate about preserving the natural beauty of this area." What a load of rubbish!
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Proposals for first zero carbon house in Bolton submitted to council 

Make Architects has submitted a planning application for a new zero carbon family home to Bolton Council which, if approved, will be the first property of its kind in North West England. Commissioned by English footballer, Gary Neville, the proposed four bedroom, single storey property will be deliberately embedded into a Pennine hillside so as to minimise the impact on the surrounding views. A roof of meadow grasses and flora will flow seamlessly over the property and into the surrounding landscape.

Stuart Fraser, Partner at Make said: “The client has been heavily involved in the design process and is passionate about preserving the natural beauty of this area. High quality design was a driving factor but the opportunity to deliver a home of the utmost environmental efficiency was identified from the outset.

“We have designed a beautiful and functional family home that consumes less energy... the positioning and orientation of the property have been carefully thought about, a ground source heat pump will provide the heating and photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine will generate on site renewable energy. Building materials will be locally sourced and traditional building methods will be used."

Make has worked closely alongside Peter Rolton, a key member of the Government’s advisory panel for renewable and sustainable energy, and the proposals have already been selected as an exemplar project within the Government’s ‘Planning Performance Agreements for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Schemes’ programme.

The 743 sq m scheme has been designed following ongoing and close collaboration between the client and Bolton Council and the government’s design body, the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) which originally began three years ago. Should planning permission be granted, preliminary construction work is expected to commence later this year.

Key Facts

Status Planning submitted
Value Undisclosed(m€)
Make Architects

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