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Miapolis, Miami, United States

Tuesday 19 Jan 2010

Miami dreaming

Miapolis by Kobi Karp in Miami, United States
Hikari Studio 
Miapolis by Kobi Karp in Miami, United States Miapolis by Kobi Karp in Miami, United States Miapolis by Kobi Karp in Miami, United States Miapolis by Kobi Karp in Miami, United States Miapolis by Kobi Karp in Miami, United States Miapolis by Kobi Karp in Miami, United States
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06/07/14 marklakhram, richmondhill
I,personally like the design of the super scraper,but will it really create thinking is go for it im with it,im with that person who came up with this cant wait good luck bring America back alive.
27/04/13 Allen, Toronto
Everyone seems to hate the design, I think that the architect is on the right track, but it does need modifications. I used to know a famous Canadian architect Raymond Moriyama and he too would have liked it.
05/12/12 Malik, Boston
This project needs to be built. Amercia have taken the back seat to china, dubia For having super tall skyscappers. We are the greatest country on earth. Now we need to make the greatest building anyone have ever seen
25/08/11 Charlie, Benson
This is really nasty and yes it looks like it was done in 5 minutes. Was this done by an architect?
24/04/11 Conan, Kansas City
Well, it's got potential, but the exterior facade seriously needs a different tone. This gray-brownish tone really makes it look dirty and rusty, more like an aging coal plant somewhere in the Midwest instead of a new superscraper in Miami.
13/03/11 Ric, Toledo
Everyone with bad comments is probably on the wrong side.I don't want to travel to a part of the world that is dangerous to americans just to see the tallest building in the world. Go miami. I want to see something that amazing in my country. If you don't, get a visa
24/11/10 Mike, Miami
I'm majoring in achitecture, i live in Miami and we studied this in class, this is an amazing design beacuase in 175 mph winds it still stands strong, the guy has been working on this since 2007
30/09/10 FM, Dallas
Miapolis is very very interesting.beautiful
13/09/10 thinkforyourself, miami
As a 20 year resident of Miami, I can tell you that this city lacks the sophistication, the culture, the class, the environment to support and maintain this type of project. In order to be successful it must attract a diverse range of businesses and people of different backgrounds. In short it must appeal to a global audience. And Miami is anything but global. People here are locked into their own cultures, limited by their backgrounds and seem unwilling to change or accept other ways of life. The educational system is among the worse in the country, the neighborhoods lack diversity and instead are regional enclaves reflecting the culture and tastes of only the majority. It will never be built here. There are far better locations for such an ambitious project. IMHO
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06/09/10 FAN, Dallas
Miapolis is best project.300 times better than burj dubai.

975 metre high tower planned for Miami could steal Dubai's crown 

Plans have been floated for a new superscraper in Miami that could steal the world’s tallest crown from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Despite Miami’s financial woes, having a reported 100,000 plus properties in foreclosure according to the Miami Herald, Kobi Karp has submitted designs for Miapolis - a 'city within a city' planned for Watson Island.

The 160 storey building would be more than 183 metres higher than the Burj Khalifa if built and would house an amusement park, observatory, restaurants, 1.96 million sq ft of shops, over 1000 apartments, 1 million sq ft office space and a 792 room hotel. The project has been around for more than a decade but it is reported that developer Guillermo Socarras has been in talks with the Federal Aviation Administration to secure approval for the height of the tower.

But is this really the way to solve Miami’s financial problems? The business plan found on the official Miapolis website proposes that the skyscraper will be more than a rival for the Burj. It claims that the superscraper will create 35,000 permanent jobs, pay off $39 million debt owed to the City and inject $2.5 billion annually into the local economy.

“Miapolis is an economic engine..." states the Miapolis website, "and a sensible and rational solution for the local economy by resolving the Jungle Island debts while producing $942 million annually in tax revenues, and no taxpayer funds required. More importantly, Miapolis creates 46,000 construction and 35,000 permanent jobs.”

The project is currently looking for funding from investors.

Key Facts

Status Design
Value Undisclosed(m€)
Kobi Karp

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