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Boano, South Florida, United States

Monday 11 Jan 2010

KZ raise the bar

Boano by KZ architecture in South Florida, United States
KZ Architecture 
Boano by KZ architecture in South Florida, United States Boano by KZ architecture in South Florida, United States Boano by KZ architecture in South Florida, United States Boano by KZ architecture in South Florida, United States
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Award Entry

Respectful of its context and landscape, KZ’s Boano sets the standard in South Florida for attractive sustainable design 

Located in an infill waterfront lot in Bay Harbor, a modern town developed in the 1950s, the home’s aesthetic reflects the clients’ enthusiasm for modern art and architecture and pays tribute to the town’s historic character.

The design team set goals that would be respectful of the context and the landscape, as well as conscious of resources and sustainability. Despite the quasi-urban setting, this effort resulted in a reduced footprint in the highly priced site (only half of the buildable area as per zoning ordinances) and the adoption of the LEED for homes scale to ensure a sustainable path.

Deeply rooted in its context, this project represents a milestone for residential sustainable design in South Florida, as the first home of its type to achieve silver LEED certification and Florida Green Building Coalition Gold Certification.

The greatest challenge was to achieve the desired sense of lightness and void and at the same time conform to the very stringent South Florida hurricane impact code requirements. Large expanses of glass had to be broken into a series of panels divided by less-than-slender mullions.

Two distinct orthogonal volumes are connected by a long axis which serves as the circulating spine from street to dock. The larger of the volumes contains most of the program; the smaller one provides a ceremonial envelope for the living room, the sculptural stair and the master bedroom above.

The design aspired to create a dialogue between solid and void, building and landscape. This dialogue is evident from the street as visitors walk along a covered path through the front courtyard. The solidity of one volume is juxtaposed against the lightness of the other; the landscape and built elements fuse with one another. The outside permeates the interior and the home is enveloped with natural light and views. Spacious and distinct exterior living spaces such as porches and balconies flow from within and reach out onto the landscape, providing environmentally sensitive solutions for a home in a tropical climate. In the living room, the spatial expansiveness from the front courtyard to the water is punctuated by the presence of the stair with its solid sculptural structure set against the lightness around it.

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KZ architecture

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