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Shell, Karuizawa, Japan

Tuesday 29 Dec 2009

Sea shell's sanctuary

Shell by Artechnic in Karuizawa, Japan
Shell by Artechnic in Karuizawa, Japan Shell by Artechnic in Karuizawa, Japan Shell by Artechnic in Karuizawa, Japan Shell by Artechnic in Karuizawa, Japan
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Award Entry

Artechnic completes stunning new house designed to protect from the harsh climate 

Being in sync with nature isn’t about yielding to nature – it’s about coexistence. The existence of the structure depends on its power to endure nature. By isolating living space from the wilderness, and upgrading its quality as a shelter, the house will be protected from nature and will provide a comfortable environment. With this, the house will be taken care of and used frequently and continuously. Specifically in cases of villas, frequent use is what leads it to blend in with its surroundings.

The region's low temperatures and high humidity level makes for a harsh climate. As a result, many houses that take on traditional structures are decaying. Despite the general avoidance of concrete material in the region, its usage and the lifting structure have helped the villa protect itself from the humidity. Desiring a place that will be occupied frequently over many years and yet at the same time be in sync with nature, we came up with the aforementioned scenery of a large shell structure floating above ground.

It goes without saying that villas should not only be functional spaces for the weekend. Their greatest goal is to provide us with good rest, leisure, and picturesque views that never become dull – all in the vicinity of nature. In the style of many modern sculptures, the architects aimed to enhance the surrounding nature by incorporating it within the spatial structure.

For the house to be actually used, we paid the ultimate attention to its comfort and performance level. The installment of the custom made floor-heating system minimises the use of heat energy for avoiding the trouble of emptying drainage in cold regions. Warm air that blows from locations of frequent use will efficiently heat the flooring. At times of absence, if the temperature drops to freezing point, an automatic system installed beneath the flooring will run its antifreeze procedure. Since the system first heats the plumbing space, and as a result, the antifreeze procedure is run by dramatically reduced energy. The system was further customised by adding a dehumidification and ventilation drive, which runs by automatic operation throughout the year. The efficiency of this system is truly remarkable.

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