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Framed House, Singapore, Singapore

Sunday 27 Dec 2009

Picture perfect

Framed House by CHANG ARCHITECTS in Singapore, Singapore
CHANG Architects, photos by Albert Lim KS 
Framed House by CHANG ARCHITECTS in Singapore, Singapore Framed House by CHANG ARCHITECTS in Singapore, Singapore Framed House by CHANG ARCHITECTS in Singapore, Singapore Framed House by CHANG ARCHITECTS in Singapore, Singapore
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Award Entry

Chang Architects design Framed house, a design which frames light, lightness and color 

Framed House is a result of a couple’s visions for their house that offers adequate privacy, yet open enough for their toddlers to enjoy outdoor spaces, ample storage spaces, and economically constructed. The purchased site is a 275 sq m lot that sits amongst a row of terrace houses. It faces a street with relatively heavy traffic, while the rear opens to a public park, which attracted them.

The design adopted the public park as the backdrop of the house, with series of ‘rectilinear open shells’ that frame views of it, offering different perspectives of the park from various parts of the house. On plan and section, these shells are displaced to generate juxtaposed spaces, displacing the interior / exterior boundaries, and optimising day-lighting and natural ventilations. The alternating planes of the shells minimise direct views from the adjacent house and vice versa, but allow constant connection with the exterior and the park. These shells are stepped away from the street, a gesture to break the scale of the house, to bring daylight in, and to greet the street at a private distant. These shells are the structure, as well as the walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, and windows of the house. This configuration generates a constantly light-filled space. The glass panels can be opened on both ends for cross-ventilations, whilst gaps between fixed glass panels serve as air-vents. A bluish tone is selected for the external surfaces of the shells, with the interior whitewashed. As daylight shifts throughout the day, changing hues from the blue walls reflect onto the internal walls, constantly transforming the ambience of the house.

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