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Stairs-House, Oda-City,Shimane, Japan

Thursday 24 Dec 2009

Stepping towards a greener life

Stairs-House by y+M design office Co.Ltd. in Oda-City,Shimane, Japan
y+M design office Co. 
Stairs-House by y+M design office Co.Ltd. in Oda-City,Shimane, Japan Stairs-House by y+M design office Co.Ltd. in Oda-City,Shimane, Japan Stairs-House by y+M design office Co.Ltd. in Oda-City,Shimane, Japan
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Award Entry

y+M design office completes house designed to be friendly to the neighbours and the environment 

Taking into consideration the owner's requests for a warm and bright place for people gathering, y+M design office designed this 'Stair-shaped House'. In modern times more and more people recognise environmental issues such as global warming, and recent housing speaks of ecology-conscious design which applies solar energy generation and / or rainwater recycling systems, whilst the design strongly relies on electric / electrical equipments to provide a comfortable life inside the house. The architects are of the opinion that we need to design comfortable life spaces with electrical equipment kept to a minimum as far as possible, although some of the equipment, such as air conditioners, has become almost mandatory for contemporary life.

This house is designed to be suitable for Japanese seasons. In summer, the house enjoys a nice breeze blowing from south to north through the openings and ventilation fan. The slit windows stop direct sunshine, whilst allowing indirect reflected light into the house. In winter, this design keeps the house warm by allowing large amounts of sunlight into the house, as well as comforting warmth from under floor heating and a wood fire.

The external structure links the garden to the rooftop, and the inside of the house links a private porch / reception / lounge area to the bedrooms. The stair-shaped roof also plays a role as an 'Engawa', which is a traditional Japanese veranda-like porch. This is a space where the client's family and friends can have a chat or a BBQ party, and even people who the clients don't know well (e.g. acquaintances of the client's friends) can be accomodated comfortably without the need to enter the internal, private space. So, the stair-shaped house provides as such a kind of new opened place for the client's family and their community, expanding their lifestyle and friendship among the neighbourhood, which it is hoped that in turn makes their community relationships stronger.

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y+M design office Co.Ltd.

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