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The Remington Centre, Toronto, Canada

Tuesday 22 Dec 2009

Hybrid fusion

The Remington Centre by Kohn Architects Inc. in Toronto, Canada
Kohn Architects 
The Remington Centre by Kohn Architects Inc. in Toronto, Canada The Remington Centre by Kohn Architects Inc. in Toronto, Canada The Remington Centre by Kohn Architects Inc. in Toronto, Canada The Remington Centre by Kohn Architects Inc. in Toronto, Canada The Remington Centre by Kohn Architects Inc. in Toronto, Canada The Remington Centre by Kohn Architects Inc. in Toronto, Canada
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30/03/10 Sam, Toronto
It feels like an airport terminal minus the runways with helicopter landing pads of various sizes on the rooftop.
05/01/10 farhad m., minsk
the fusion of hibrid eastern berlin and moscow of sixties.....
05/01/10 publicspace, Vancouver
Where is the green roof?
Where are the mixed-use components and residential towers integrated into the development?
More of the same short sighted, auto dominated sameness for Ontario.
So uninspiring - why did WAN bother?
05/01/10 ellen, toronto
Poor traffic circulation, no perimeter pedestrian appeal, isolated pond and landscape features, lifeless interior- not a people place. No integration of elements, just going through the motions.
05/01/10 Hans, Sutton
As suburban re-development this is still very thin utilization of the land. The east flank parking structure and service road cuts-off existing townhouses as clients for shopping. The thinking remains of an island of development in a sea of green fields. The industrial lands east of the site will need to be developed in future and that is not addressed. West flank remains a sea of parking. There needs to be about four residential condominium towers and an office tower added to support future expansion of the shopping clients. It would be better to pull the whole assemblage west in the lot (or better constrained along the south of the site) and leave the east flank available for retail mall expansion with service mall and parking underground and supporting further residential towers when that time comes and connection to future residential where the industrial is no longer tenable land economy. The thinking around the big moves of disposition within the site have not been well examined. The architecture as it is, no more than surficial collage. Public space as meridianed grid with a few unsupported placements of umbrellaed kiosks is vapidly disconnected visual candy, remaining exurbian distopic '50's pool deck reality, because the big moves are not well made on the site. Both client and architect, and city planners, need to push further to optimize density that this can become a major centre that is worth being talked about and sustained regionally.
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02/01/10 Renzo, Milan
In design it's just another piece of simply architecture. Detail qualties are getting lesser and lesser in todays architecture. Perspective presentation are not well composed .... it's getting commercialized. :-)
23/12/09 Winnipeg Dude, Winnipeg
I feel this project lacks real substance. I see fancy renderings with large planes of bold colour. No social space interplay at the edge of the building. Isn't this supposed to be a building for entertainment and people interaction? Great graphics, but where's the design?
-Winnipeg Dude

Plans unveiled for Canada's largest multi-cultural shopping centre 

Kohn Architects and Canadian development company, The Remington Group have released plans for the development of The Remington Centre. Providing over 74,000 sq m of commercial and residential space, it will be the largest multi-cultural shopping centre in North America and one of the largest retail redevelopment projects in Canada. The new mixed-use complex, located just north of Toronto, will be home to over 360 retail stores, incorporating shops currently found at Market Village, an Asian shopping centre. The new centre will fuse traditional Eastern markets with Western boutique style.

The first hybrid building of its kind in North America, an additional residential/hotel tower adjoining the shopping centre will be constructed in the second phase of development. The 20-storey condominium tower will include 475 units and luxury hotel suites.

The centre will include a parking garage of up to six levels, with a total of 3,500 parking spaces for consumer convenience. An entertainment destination, the Remington Centre will feature a six acre outdoor public plaza complete with a spectacular pond that converts into an ice rink in the winter and a permanent stage with a cascading waterfall is in the plans to accommodate more than 2,000 people for weekly cultural performances in its centre court.

Rudy Bratty, President and CEO of The Remington Group said: “We are thrilled to be moving forward with this redevelopment plan in Markham. The Remington Centre will introduce a new model of shopping for Canada’s booming multi-cultural communities and become a landmark destination for local residents while attracting visitors from the GTA and across North America to visit this truly unique retail destination.”

Ground breaking is expected in the next 24 months.

Laura Paton

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Kohn Architects Inc.

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