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Big Ass Fans® - Element®, Lexington, Kentucky, United States

Monday 14 Dec 2009

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Big Ass Fans® - Element® by BIG ASS FANS in Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Big Ass Fans® - Element® by BIG ASS FANS in Lexington, Kentucky, United States Big Ass Fans® - Element® by BIG ASS FANS in Lexington, Kentucky, United States Big Ass Fans® - Element® by BIG ASS FANS in Lexington, Kentucky, United States
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Element® by Big Ass Fans® is the perfect air movement solution for large commercial spaces 

Element® by Big Ass Fans® was designed from the ground up to deliver the benefits of Big Ass Fans to large architectural, air-conditioned environments. The smooth air circulation and energy efficiency of Big Ass Fans have been reborn into a silent and stylish fan that complements any environment. Element’s oil-free prime mover allows silent operation while onboard controls eliminate electrical interference. Element features the first customizable platform, providing the option to incorporate optional accessories. The LED wall-mounted keypad is user-friendly and easy to install. Available in 12 to 20-ft diameters and backed by an unprecedented 10 year warranty, Element is the most ground-breaking commercial, architectural Big Ass Fan in the world.

Element works in conjunction with HVAC systems to help distribute conditioned air while decreasing energy consumption by up to 25 percent. Element provides efficient air movement for up to 10,000 square feet of space making it an eco-friendly, energy efficient product for spaces such as offices, retail spaces, showrooms, churches and malls. One 12 ft. Element provides as much airflow as thirty-six 52-inch standard ceiling fans at one-fourth of the operating cost.

Element has been installed in many LEED certified buildings and LEED credits can be gained from use of the Element in the following areas: Optimized Energy Performance; Enhanced Refrigerant Management; Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance; Increased Ventilation; Thermal Comfort – Design; and Innovation in Design.
Smog Shoppe relies on 100% solar power and meets the requirements of a LEED® Platinum certified space. Los Angeles’ greenest event venue however, needed an air movement solution that not only complemented the already efficient design of the building, but also fit the aesthetic arrangement of the space. Smog Shoppe installed a 12-ft. Element, the perfect combination of form and function designed specifically for conditioned spaces focused on sustainability. Element eliminated hot and cold spots throughout the space and aided in the reduction of energy consumption by reducing the load on the existing HVAC system.

Tested in a groundbreaking LEED® Gold certified laboratory, Big Ass Fans are the most durable, safe and cost-effective solution for air movement.

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