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Campus Biometropolis, Mexico City, Mexico

Thursday 10 Dec 2009

Foster reveals Biometropolis

Campus Biometropolis by Foster + Partners in Mexico City, Mexico
Nigel Young/Foster + Partners 
Campus Biometropolis by Foster + Partners in Mexico City, Mexico Campus Biometropolis by Foster + Partners in Mexico City, Mexico Campus Biometropolis by Foster + Partners in Mexico City, Mexico Campus Biometropolis by Foster + Partners in Mexico City, Mexico
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08/03/11 Paul Rubi, Phoenix
I think Mexicans need to start taking more pride in the advances that Mexico has made during this world economic crisis and stop always looking at the glass half-empty. Perhaps, such an attitude might even help the country further along in its 5% economic growth over the last year. Certainly, a project like this never would have been considered feasible in Mexico in the last 15 to 20 years. You've come a long way Mexico...SIGUE EN MARCHA!
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23/02/10 pecue, df
isn't this area an ecological reservoir??? some advice from any state manager?? owner thought how to spend his bag full of money... ?
14/01/10 Arch. José Larroa-Fink, Mexico CIty
It's amazing how a such respectable firm like Foster Partners can get to a real solution and with reliable arguments to make something that would really work in this city. Though there's not enough space in there, I think other mexican architects just want to make profit from imposing their own, not functional nor aesthetic ideas.
More ideas like these... but outskirts of mexico city please.
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14/01/10 Xavier Valladares, London & Mexico City
I think it is really positive that such big projects and developments in Mexico City are finally have a Masterplan done by such a good Architectural Practice. I agree that one of the most urgent things that this city needs is Urban Planning and Design in total integration with its political neighbours (Estado de Mexico) which pollitically divided they now form part of one big city.
One of the challenges of such a good foreign office designing a Master plan for Mexico City is to properly "tropicalize" all of the good ideas.
I hope the masterplan allows for a properly balanced social mix and this is not another getho for rich people. Local authorities in Mexico do not require any minimum number of social units in any development like this. If this is really green - good social mix and sustainable master plan it should seriously avoid the 4 hours of commuting that most workers do everyday from their poor neighbourhoods to the posh areas like this one.
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Foster + Partners reveal designs for major new health city masterplan 

Foster + Partners has revealed its designs for a 71-hectare teaching and medical facility in Mexico City upon notice of their appointment to the project. Campus Biometropolis masterplan in the south of the city will integrate care facilities with high tech teaching spaces, research institutions and laboratories and feature a vital new nature reserve showcasing the Pedregal lava fields as a highlight of the design.

The wilderness area, together with enhanced landscaped zones, will account for half of the site and preserve Mexico City’s indigenous plants and animal species whilst creating an attractive landscape for the built areas. The campus will include offices, apartments, shops and amenities to create a sustainable, mixed-use community. The arrangement of buildings navigates a course around the Pedregal lava fields, a network of subterranean lava tube formations and caves, sections of which will be exposed to encourage scientific investigation.

The site is close to Mexico City’s southern medical cluster and the National University. The scheme integrates hotel facilities for visitors to the hospital and conference centre, facilities for bio-tech industries, clinical studies and a number of specialist units, planned to target six key areas of medicine: cancer, cardiovascular, infectious diseases, pharmaceuticals, nutrition and geriatrics.

The masterplan integrates public piazzas, pedestrian streets and cooling courtyards and the buildings will be oriented to capture cooling winds from the north. Given Mexico City’s water shortages, the campus is designed to maintain and augmenting the proportion of green space through which water can be absorbed naturally into the aquifer below. Rainwater will also be harvested from roofs, roads and available open space. The transportation strategy is designed to encourage the use of public transport. Solar-powered electric vehicles will move people around the campus, walking distances are short and a bus connection to the nearby university station will fully utilise the available capacity on a quieter section of the metro line. While parking spaces will be incorporated, they will be located below a raised podium level to create a pedestrian environment and maximise the available space for the nature reserve at ground level.

Nigel Dancey, a senior partner and design director at Foster + Partners, said: “Campus Biometropolis is our first masterplan in Mexico, building on our growing portfolio in Central and South America. It is the first of its kind – a unique opportunity to create a medical district of international importance. The masterplan will incorporate state-of-the-art facilities and buildings with a wide range of functions. The project will help safeguard the recharging of the aquifer supplying much of Mexico City and protect indigenous plant and animal species, as well as the important geological formations found on the site.”

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Foster + Partners

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