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RoscoLab Ltd - LitePad, United Kingdom

Tuesday 01 Dec 2009

Softening the atmosphere, keeping it cool

RoscoLab Ltd - LitePad by RoscoLab Ltd in United Kingdom
RoscoLab Ltd - LitePad by RoscoLab Ltd in United Kingdom RoscoLab Ltd - LitePad by RoscoLab Ltd in United Kingdom RoscoLab Ltd - LitePad by RoscoLab Ltd in United Kingdom
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Award Entry

Slim profile light source with soft even beam & virtually no heat 

LitePad is a slim profile 12v LED light source. The basic structure of the LitePad is a 8mm thick piece of acrylic with LEDs embedded in the perimeter. The LEDs are pointed into the center of the acrylic. An etched grid or dot pattern carries the light outward providing a soft even beam of light. This soft beam of light is helped by a white reflective backing on the LitePad. A black electrical wire comes out of the edge of the LitePad to provide power to the LEDs. Aluminum heat sinks are placed along the perimeter of the LitePad wherever there are LEDs.

The original version was designed specifically for the TV and Film world as a close proximity fill light and has now evolved into two versions, DL and HO. This means that while still very popular within this sector it is becoming increasingly specified on architectural and retail applications due to its slim, low power and virtually no heat characteristics.

LitePad DL is 6000ºK. LitePad HO is also 6000ºK but is 33% brighter. LitePad DL is recommended for most custom LitePad applications. However, there are applications in which the 33% increase in brightness is needed such as back lighting semi-opaque materials.

LitePad is available in two different colour temperatures - 6000ºK and 4700ºK. These colour temperatures are available in both High Output and Standard Output.

Energy Efficiency:
Because of their LED based light source, LitePads are extremely energy efficient.

Wattage Lumens Lumens per Watt:
60 Watt Incandescent 60 800 13
12”x12” LitePad DL 18 900 50

The LitePad recently featured on the project below:

Yas Island Marina Hotel Bridge Bar.

“LitePad allowed zeroLUX lighting design to provide a sustainable, energy efficient, designed look surrounding a bar. While many years have produced the 'standard' under lit bar top and liquor risers lit with fluorescents. LitePad offered the design team an exciting new approach to lighting these commonly drab areas. LitePad brought a visually stimulating bar face to life and a rethought look at liquor risers. This application allowed the design to surround the risers in light rather than just up-lighting the bottles.

"Both applications; the bar die and the liquor risers; have many other elements to coordinate (electric, plumbing, refrigeration and so on) so combining the low amount of heat generation and minimum depth requirements for construction produced a much smaller and simplified construction process.”

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