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SOL-ARCH², Bern, Switzerland

Tuesday 01 Dec 2009

Positive thinking

SOL-ARCH² by Jürg Wegmüller in Bern, Switzerland
Andreas Wegmüller 
SOL-ARCH² by Jürg Wegmüller in Bern, Switzerland SOL-ARCH² by Jürg Wegmüller in Bern, Switzerland SOL-ARCH² by Jürg Wegmüller in Bern, Switzerland
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Award Entry

New home in Bern generates more energy than it uses 

The 'plus-energy house' impressively demonstrates that it is possible for a one-family house to produce energy from solar power beyond its own energy needs. This also comes with greater comfort and a better quality of living than a standard house. The building presented is a highly energy efficient building which – through photovoltaic, photothermal and numerous passive solar elements - produces more energy than is required by users for heating, hot water and household electricity over the year.

Many parts have already been used in a similar way for other objects. However, in this case the extremely consistent design is to be noted, as is the fact that this is the first time that the combined technology and know-how have been used in a single-family home.

The thermal solar collectors on the southern balcony parapet use solar radiation to produce enough energy for all domestic hot water. The photovoltaic solar modules on the roof produce electricity and feed it into the local power supply system. During the transition period and in the winter, the low sun is used. The direct solar radiation is conducted by the big glazed windows (south) into the house and is used to heat the internal air and the different passive solar components (floors and walls).

This building concept is strictly focussed on the use of solar energy. However, this entails largely eliminating any heat loss in order to keep the need for heating as low as possible. For this purpose, a new heat insulation system without thermal bridging made by the Wagner Systeme and Isover companies has been used on all facades. Using this system, with an insulation thickness of 'only' 28cm, an external wall U-value of 0.1W/m²K was achieved. With an insulation thickness of up to 46cm on the roof, a U-value of under 0.1W/m²K was also achieved.

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Jürg Wegmüller
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