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Glasfabrik LAMBERTS - LINIT P40, Germany

Tuesday 01 Dec 2009

'Ice cube' building blocks

Glasfabrik LAMBERTS - LINIT P40 by Glasfabrik Lamberts GmbH + Co. KG in Germany
Glasfabrik LAMBERTS - LINIT P40 by Glasfabrik Lamberts GmbH + Co. KG in Germany Glasfabrik LAMBERTS - LINIT P40 by Glasfabrik Lamberts GmbH + Co. KG in Germany Glasfabrik LAMBERTS - LINIT P40 by Glasfabrik Lamberts GmbH + Co. KG in Germany
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Award Entry

U-Profiled Glass, developed for Nelson-Atkins Museum of Arts, Kansas City for Steven Holl Architects, New York (USA) 

The Glasfabrik LAMBERTS is a family owned business, based in Bavaria (Germany) founded in 1887. LAMBERTS is known as THE rolled glass specialist throughout the worldwide glass market.

E.g. LAMBERTS is the only company in the world to use an oxygen fired melting furnace to produce architectural glass, which is currently the most ecologically sustainable method available. Apart LAMBERTS developed a technique which allows high quality glasses by integrating up to 40% post-consumer recycled glass in addition to their own recycled glass out of the production.

The above mentioned channel glass has solely been developed for Steven Holl Architects, New York (USA), for the project “Nelson Atkins Museum of Art”, in Kansas City (USA) to help the architect to realize his vision of Ice blocks evolving out of the ground, bringing daylight into the museum underground. For the facades of the building Steven Holl looked for continuous translucent glass surfaces without vertical framing, which would adapt to the bends and curves of the construction volumes in order to engage visitors movement between them.

For this reason a combination of the new created LAMBERTS’ LINIT texture “solar” for the exterior and a sandblasted surface on the inside of the “U” was selected. In addition the molten glass was adjusted by special low iron ingredients which avoided the typical greenish tint of glass and prevented colouring of the lighting of art and created the desired white look. Because of it the optical appearance of the “living” facades changes continuously during the day and from season to season.

In a special production run, this glass type was manufactured in order to be able to provide Mr. Holl with his desired glass width of 400mm.

To meet the architects demand of having “as much glass and as little aluminium frame as possible”, all glasses were thermally toughened (a process which rises the max. glass length up to five times). This treatment made it possible to achieve installed glass lengths of 701cm in Kansas City, which is known as a very critical Tornado-area!

After the project was finished, it was awarded and honoured by several institutions and media, a fact that certainly, of course among the great design of the architects and the great work of several companies, has also been assured by the custom made product by Glasfabrik LAMBERTS.

Glasfabrik Lamberts GmbH + Co. KG
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