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Vilamarina, Villadecans, Barcelona, Spain

Monday 02 Nov 2009

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Vilamarina by Batlle & Roig Architect in Villadecans, Barcelona, Spain
Batlle I Roig Arquitectes 
Vilamarina by Batlle & Roig Architect in Villadecans, Barcelona, Spain Vilamarina by Batlle & Roig Architect in Villadecans, Barcelona, Spain Vilamarina by Batlle & Roig Architect in Villadecans, Barcelona, Spain
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Award Entry

Villadecans 320 apartment housing development, living with a mall underneath 

Against criteria for development in low-density zones differentiated and diversity aspect, common in such proceedings, our proposal sought to build an urban high density piece, concentrating uses and above all structural and formal unity and turning the action in a referential element. That ensures to strengthen the bond between the Viladecans centre and railway station, through continuity of commercial streets that connect both ends, the permanence of a housing function and the strength of a recognizable architectural image.

The building was designed from a large three-floor prismatic base occupying the entire site. The ground floor, mainly commercial, was organized by putting small shops and entrances to the supported houses site next to the main street, which was planned to be a great pedestrian walk is able to connect the complex to the park and the city with the station. The mall, however, stood adjacent to the Highway Villa.

The "mall" or central axis was drawn parallel to the street and its main entrances at each end coming out to the station and the urban core, so it could connect Viladecans and station.

The 320 apartments of the complex, distributed in 10 towers of twelve floors, they were connected among themselves on the first and second floor by houses in duplex, located on the small trade of the street with the purpose to vitalizing and energizing the front walk of the park. The houses in the towers, three per floor, are oriented east and west, overlooking the Llobregat agricultural park river delta. To unify the project just two types of materials were used glazed White brick on the walls without windows and the dark porcelain for walls with windows and oriented to the park.

The whole complex operates as a small neighbourhood with all the equipment and services required and at the same time it is linked to the historic nucleus of the city favouring the city growth with the new transportation systems.

Key Facts

Status Completed
Value 0(m€)
Batlle & Roig Architect

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