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1001 Hotel

Wednesday 28 Oct 2009

For every room a story...

1001 Hotel by Zwarts & Jansma
Zwarts & Jansma Architects, Amsterdam 
1001 Hotel by Zwarts & Jansma 1001 Hotel by Zwarts & Jansma 1001 Hotel by Zwarts & Jansma 1001 Hotel by Zwarts & Jansma
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Award Entry

Arabian folklore inspires stunning hotel design in the Gulf region 

Far away from the busy surroundings lies a place of beauty and leisure; a palm oasis situated in the Arabian Desert. On this fantasy island the fairy tales of Arabian nights revive in the 1001 Hotel.

The 1001 Hotel is a landmark for travelers with its 1001 hotel rooms, leisure and conference centre. The hotel can be reached by underground lightrail, zeppelin or on camelback.

The tower is a symbol for the Emirates and the Gulf Region as a main tourist and business destination. With its height (525m), the tower can compete with the world's tallest buildings. It counts 77 circular floors (213,500 sq m). They are held together by an external tube structure of twelve sculptural posts connected by circular bracings. The tube structure is tightened to the ground by a web of steel cables, which form a hemisphere of stars during the night, creating a romantic environment.

The tower is equipped with a double skin glass facade with integrated LED-lights. The skin not only creates different spheres, but also protects from the harsh sunlight and from curious neighbours wanting to look in. Natural airflow blowing through the louvres in the external glass facade will help to create an agreeable climate.

The hotel rooms are located around three different voids, designed with Arabian motives. These voids twist on every floor, making the interior a spectacular space. The concept of 1001 nights is integrated into every aspect of the hotel: each of the 1001 rooms is decorated according to a different fairytale. Not only the interior design follows this theme. It is part of the whole concept, from the uniforms of chambermaids to the shape of the lamps.

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Zwarts & Jansma

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