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Addis Ababa Exhibition Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tuesday 27 Oct 2009

For a city in bloom...

Addis Ababa Exhibition Center by FXFOWLE Architects in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
FXFOWLE Architects 
Addis Ababa Exhibition Center by FXFOWLE Architects in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Addis Ababa Exhibition Center by FXFOWLE Architects in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Addis Ababa Exhibition Center by FXFOWLE Architects in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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23/01/12 Rahel, stocholm
I think this is one of the best designs. I was so tired of all the blue/green glass buildings we see everywhere in Addis. This is one of the kind and I really hope we see more of such uniqueness.
01/07/11 selam, selam
I actually like it. It is much better than the meaningless, mummbo jambo design trend that we currently see in addis.
20/05/11 semeneh mossu(architect ), addis ababa
The harshness of starchitecture is more damaging than its criticism. It follows no formality and dedicates itself to pompous beyond its deserving, thrusting itself over other%uFEFF buildings and landscapes, gloating it’s own importance. Most of it acts in promotion of the label behind it, not for the sake of the city.FXFOWLE's buildings are not for addis ababa, nazareth, or mekelle, they are for no one other than FXFOWLE's, and they do not symbolise any of the cities, they symbolise a FXFOWLE's product..........
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02/08/10 dawit, addis abeba
i love the design, it's very cool. this is a start for more to come in changing addis's skyline!
27/05/10 girma agegnew, ethiopia
hmmmm this is well
let s say quite idotic way of leting modern architecture come to ethiopia
when we let this some amatorial yung self centerd architect do this to us i ll admit tht we r really a 3rd world country without no culture, respect for our tradition and landscape,

tell me were is the compatblity of this stuff with ethiopia ,addis,and yet piazza in front of st george church, tell me wich order, form, and material study did u do before concluding ,is architecture simple as translating addis abeba to a growing wathever flower have u tought of giving a tuch tht even u when u see urown building after 50 years u recognise tht is tipically designd for us ethiopia,and not same thing as puting some dubi leftover architecture there in ethiopia ,this is overexited way of coping western countrys and there idiotic globalization try to see some japanies architecture like Ando , Taniguchi,and Zumthor olso and modernity is when u reflect ur culture ur history (in ur case our culture) with tecnology solutions- materials -forms by doing somthing simple functional and unique
i hope tht the outhorithies come to there senses and control this from hapning and i hope tht one day i ll be the one who have the hands on my own country or at least chose the write one.
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Award Entry

Designs for new mixed-use development in Ethiopia's capital 

The Addis Ababa Exhibition Center creates a fully integrated and pedestrian-centered mixed-use development on nearly 4.5-acres in northeast Africa. Designed by FXFOWLE Architects, the development incorporates the existing, adjacent Addis Ababa Museum and establishes an iconic retail, entertainment and cultural destination. The 70,000m sq. complex includes retail, food and beverage amenities, office space, cultural and entertainment facilities, and a business hotel.

Serving both local inhabitants and visitors alike, the design solution seeks to create a lively and informal ground-level experience tied to the natural landscape, coupled with a more formal and structured experience that rises from the lower level in a series of sculpted towers.

The form and composition of the office, hotel and cultural towers are inspired by the significance of the name 'Addis Ababa', which translates to 'new flower'. The rounded facades of the towers parallel the organic and emergent qualities of a new flower orienting itself to the sun. Nevertheless, while the towers look outward, they remain grounded and connected to the foundation and base of the site. Individual pieces of colored glass that adhere to the curtain wall system compliment the materials used in the various buildings that surround the site, and give each building a shimmering and reflective effect.

Key Facts

Status Concept Design
Value 0(m€)
FXFOWLE Architects

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