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Šolta Island resort, Split, Croatia

Friday 16 Oct 2009

Rotating hotel as centrepiece in Croatia

Šolta Island resort by Richard Hywel Evans Architecture in Split, Croatia
Šolta Island resort by Richard Hywel Evans Architecture in Split, Croatia Šolta Island resort by Richard Hywel Evans Architecture in Split, Croatia Šolta Island resort by Richard Hywel Evans Architecture in Split, Croatia Šolta Island resort by Richard Hywel Evans Architecture in Split, Croatia Šolta Island resort by Richard Hywel Evans Architecture in Split, Croatia Šolta Island resort by Richard Hywel Evans Architecture in Split, Croatia
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25/11/11 Stuart Hall, Oslo
The project is great and I can imagine whatever the form of innovation comes to this island would receive negative comments from it's inhabitants. Let's move on as the year is 2011 AD not BC...
31/07/11 L. Nolan, Dublin
Can anyone tell me if the hotel has been built? Was the project abandoned or is it still planned?
03/03/10 K, K
My family is from Solta. There is no ground water on the island. It is piped in from the island of Brac and Split and can be undependable. The development will drive many islanders into poverty not prosperity. They will be replaced with more affluent people from Western Europe or Croatia. It is a no-win situation The world is full of displaced people intending to capitalize sell their paradise for a few bucks.
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07/01/10 Rover, Solta
I have looked at the designs, contrary to those who have left comments and I saw lots of stone, olive trees and other natural structures incorporated in them. I don't think these architects did not consider the local architecture, on the contrary they did and they are giving lots of importance to it, also trying to maximize views. If projects like these do not happen on Solta and many other Croatian islands, we will be left with nothing but ghost towns falling to pieces as we have enough of. We must protect our nature and beauty in an environmentally friendly but sustainable way. Last year, a huge fire wiped very close to this area and probably none of the wise commentators even knew about it !!
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16/11/09 Sandra, Seattle/Solta
This style is totally out of character of Solta. The island is so popular for people who appreciate nature and simplicity. No flavor of local architecture, scale and style. As an architect , I suggest you explore a little what is the local architecture all about. There is a reason for it!
Do not make another giant development on this beautiful island that is going to fall apart in few years and ruin the nature and views . Look at the hotel “Avlia” in Maslinica, very close to this proposed site. People love the flavor of local architecture, stone and privacy…..
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04/11/09 snezana, NYC
I don't believe this will ever really happen on this beautiful and untouched island, just like the last big planned project there never happened. Soltani are too traditional for something so experimental.

I don't think this will ever get past the design phase.
23/10/09 svagi, Solta
If this is achieved, I have a nice house and the potential land to sell across from the hotel, so if anyone is interested let me know: D
23/10/09 unknown, solta
nope, this will be good for our island. there isnt much on our island, so "lot" of us, young people, leave the island searching for job. this would be, among all other things that will be build there, more positive than negative. that part of island is all covered with bushes, trees etc. we dont have any use of it. you need to understand our position, we are small island, so close but so far from county city.
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20/10/09 Bile, %u0160olta
I agree! Totaly! Leave the nature free of those cosmic solutions!
19/10/09 BS, Split
Please do not do this
This is a Mediterranean, not Florida!!!!!!

Šolta Island will be home to Europe's first rotating hotel 

A rotating hotel is to form the centrepiece of a new resort near Split in Croatia. Designed by Richard Hywel Evans of Studio RHE, specialists in holiday resort design, the concept was proposed from a desire to provide sea views from each room.

While most of the fine details of the hotel remain under wraps WAN can reveal "the 3 storey building is a 61 metre diameter very slow moving continuous turntable rotating 1.3 times per day, and will be built of steel in sections at the huge Split shipyards which are directly opposite the Island," says Evans. "The building is entered from below at Lower Ground Level which does not rotate with the 22 metre diameter centre hub of the building which is also static containing the Reception, circulation stairs and lifts," he adds.

The full development is comprised a new build marina and resort which will include the hotel, guest pavilions and villas.

The new 170 berth marina will be accompanied by a performance stage, yacht club and marine village along the water's edge.

The development is to be built on Šolta Island on a hillside olive grove allowing views across the bay, 35 minutes boat ride from Split. The project spreads across the water with villas facing the marina from across the water.

Guest Pavilions made from the surrounding grove slate walls create private spaces for guests with glass fronted pavilions and swimming pools roofed with reflective aluminium wings.

Four Bedroom Residences are interconnected and created from the perimeter ‘stone contour’ walls in the olive tree fields with trees rising from the swimming pools encased in glazed tubes.

The centrepiece hotel itself is set in an infinity edged swimming lake which spills over into a hillside spa below. The views worthy of a rotating hotel spread across the Adriatic Sea and over to the Roman remains of a Diocletian fish farm and dramatic countryside.

Key Facts

Status Design
Value 0(m€)
Richard Hywel Evans Architecture

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