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SOF Hotel, Krakow, Poland

Wednesday 07 Oct 2009

The modern age of Krakow

SOF Hotel by J. MAYER H.Architects in Krakow, Poland
Jakub Kaczmarczyk, Ovotz design Lab 
SOF Hotel by J. MAYER H.Architects in Krakow, Poland SOF Hotel by J. MAYER H.Architects in Krakow, Poland SOF Hotel by J. MAYER H.Architects in Krakow, Poland SOF Hotel by J. MAYER H.Architects in Krakow, Poland SOF Hotel by J. MAYER H.Architects in Krakow, Poland SOF Hotel by J. MAYER H.Architects in Krakow, Poland
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13/10/09 william rogan, shenzhen, china
reminds me of the news story out of gaza: the zoo there couldn't affort a zebra, so they painted black stripes on a white donkey. or perhaps lipstick on a pig, if anyone can bear to go there again...
13/10/09 Lisa Capes, Auckland New Zealand
I would like to see this building in the context of the historical city because if it has a view over the city centre does that mean it is a blot on a historical landscape? Seeing it in isolation it is a good looking building but if it mars an historic area it might as well be a block of concrete.

Futuristic SOF hotel brings new era of design to upcoming business destination 

When you think of Krakow you may be imagining some of the World Heritage Site’s 6,000 picturesque and historic buildings, most of which were virtually untouched by air raids during World War II. But now Krakow, lying on the Vistula River in the south of the country with a population of about three-quarters of a million, is also an important centre for culture and business in Poland with a bustling tourist trade heavily influenced by its historical architecture, such as Wawel Royal Castle and St Mary’s Basilica dated from the 11th and 13th centuries.

With the influx of many large corporations bringing new businesses into the city, Krakow is slowly adapting its architecture to reflect the city's modern goals. The new SOF hotel, opening today in Krakow, illustrates this change with an ultra-modern exterior. Designed by J. MAYER H. Architects of Berlin with OVOTZ design Lab, the hotel’s black and white exterior with its horizontal lines, clad of aluminium interspersed with black windows, is quite stunning.

The sleek modern geometric lines are carried over into the interior of the hotel,designed by JOI-Design GmbH with OVOTZ design Lab, particularly in the reception area where the massive reception desk is a focal point. 152 rooms and 10 Junior suites await their guests with all the usual add-ons now expected of any business and tourist hotel, such as a ballroom for conferences and a fitness room where guests can de-stress at the end of another busy day. From this central location, and lying close to the Jewish District of Kazimierz, the hotel undoubtedly offers a fabulous view over the city centre.

Phyllis Stephen

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J. MAYER H.Architects

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