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9/11 Memorial, New York, United States

Friday 11 Sep 2009

New 9/11 museum images released

9/11 Memorial by Davis Brody Bond in New York, United States
Squared Design Lab, Provided by National September 11 Memorial & Museum 
9/11 Memorial by Davis Brody Bond in New York, United States 9/11 Memorial by Davis Brody Bond in New York, United States 9/11 Memorial by Davis Brody Bond in New York, United States 9/11 Memorial by Davis Brody Bond in New York, United States 9/11 Memorial by Davis Brody Bond in New York, United States 9/11 Memorial by Davis Brody Bond in New York, United States
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15/09/09 Peter, Maseru
Interesting spaces, between the bases of the former Twin Towers. Cool, clinical, surgical, perhaps. But where are the HUMAN reminders of those who perished on that tragic day, September 11th, 2001 ? <p>

A piece of sculpture, showing the heroic efforts of firefighters, policemen and others, who also perished in the twin Towering Infernoes; or the names of those lost, with their names boldly incised into the masonry, or concrete, would have been appropriate.<p>

This interior is precisely engineered; but it does seem to lack any human scale or character, to remind us of the fact that all those who were victims of 9/11 were actually human beings.
In short, it's anonymous, amorphous and nihilistic (that is, it's about nothingness) - a sense of absence. A more positive, hopeful, humanistic design might have been more appropriate.
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15/09/09 Temoor Ahmad, Madrid
Well said.
13/09/09 Jeff Woods, Kansas
Althogh a nice jesture and a nice space. I would not step one foot in this place as it resembles a corrupt government. This architectural concience appeasment mocks all victims of 911 and money invested in the design alone, cost more than the official investigation into 911. This would be such a nice place if a balance between the truth and between closure could be established.
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Memorial museum architect reveals latest design details 

As New York and the rest of the world reflect over events on this day 8 years ago, fresh images have been released showing the designs for the National September 11 Memorial Museum. Steven Davis, Partner at Davis Brody Bond attended a ceremony yesterday at the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site to brief media on the updated designs. The 9/11 Memorial Preview Site, at 20 Vesey Street in Manhattan was opened to the public on 24 August where renderings and models of the museum are on display. The museum is situated within the 8 acre landscaped Memorial Plaza, bracketing the memorial pools set in the footprints of the pre-existing twin towers. The new images show the interior of the three-levelled museum where visitors will be able to witness remaining elements of the twin towers:

"The site of the NS11 Memorial Museum comprises the footprints of the twin towers and the space between them, and echoes the boundaries of the Memorial Plaza above," reads the architects' design statement. "Extending down nearly seventy feet from the plaza, the Museum is grounded in what is popularly called 'bedrock'. It is here, amidst the foundations of the original WTC complex, that the physical outline and structural remnants of the two towers can still be seen.

"The boundaries of the below-grade Museum are also defined by the neighbouring projects on the site, including the PATH Terminal and Freedom Tower. But the most important boundary of the museum is to the west, a sixty foot high expanse which is the original slurry wall, and which was part of the original WTC excavation that withstood enormous lateral pressures from the surrounding area after the collapse."

The public are being asked to contribute to the museum's collection via the "Make History" online initiative calling for images and stories related to 9/11 can be contributed through a newly launched, dynamic website. These will, in addition to voice recordings left by visitors to the preview site who have left messages of their story in specially designed recording booths, become a permanent part of the Museum’s Collection.


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