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Vällingby City, Stockholm, Sweden

Monday 07 Sep 2009

Transforming the city

Vällingby City by White Arkitekter AB in Stockholm, Sweden
copyright: White Arkitekter AB 
Vällingby City by White Arkitekter AB in Stockholm, Sweden Vällingby City by White Arkitekter AB in Stockholm, Sweden Vällingby City by White Arkitekter AB in Stockholm, Sweden
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Award Entry

White Arkitekter brings historical Vällingby into the 21st Century 

Vällingby centre was a world sensation when it was completed in 1954. It was by far the most innovative urban planning project at the time, and it remains today the most remarkable and attractive example of Stockholm’s high-density suburbs. A truly urban living in a periphery setting known as the ABC model. The main idea was to imitate the variety and animation of city life.

In 2001 White was invited to participate in an invited competition to bring new life into the fifty years old slumbering ideal community. Our idea was a rethinking of the basic ideas of the 1950s urban planning.

Through development and renewal based on current standards, Vällingby City once again is a modern cultural and business centre, which at the same time has retained its unique cultural value. The existing architecture and the new buildings are in the front line in the same way as when the area was created fifty years ago. The architects carried out a large general plan and quality program for the project as a whole. An effective process has ensured the intentions for both preservation and renewal were kept throughout the project.

Vällingby City is groundbreaking on environmental issues. All the waste produced by the shopping centre will be recycled at a central waste facility run by Vällingby City. Waste food from restaurants will be ground down and recycled into biogas and the largest geo-thermal plant in Sweden will make Vällingby City almost self-sufficient in terms of locally produced heating and cooling.

Key Facts

Status Completed
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White Arkitekter AB

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