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Kuhio Park Terrace, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Saturday 29 Aug 2009

Community of hope

Kuhio Park Terrace by Group 70 International in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Kuhio Park Terrace by Group 70 International in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States Kuhio Park Terrace by Group 70 International in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States Kuhio Park Terrace by Group 70 International in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
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20/04/10 Jay, Kalihi
This would be sweeeet , but we know this ain't going to happen . And NOT ALL Micronesians are dirty .
04/03/10 Kawena GArcia, Kalihi (KPT)
Are these structures really going to be built?<p>

I just think it's so wonderful if this were to happen! I just made 20 on february 11 2010. I'm a mother to a 2 year old daughter, her father Joe and I has been together from the 7th grade. I go to school full time. My dream was to become an architect, but I am majoring in nursing, because I think it's more stable. Joe has been working at the kahala shell gas station for 6 months. It's the only job he could find after getting laid off from construction. I havent been able to get a part time job anywhere...<p>

We lived in a transitional shelter for the past year and a half. One of the requirements to live there was to sigh up for 'housing". I was hoping that when housing called they would tell me that I got Palolo or somewhere on the windward side.<p>

But no, they called and I got accepted to KPT! Prior to actually moving in.. I was terrified of moving there. My tutu and my mother lived there in the 70's and I heard horrible stories! tutu also drove buses there to pick up some kids to go church. and billions more stories, from people around the island.<p>

I had 8 months left at the transitional shelter, it a 2 year lease. but when housing calls you have to take the first offer or you get kicked out anyways and they drop you to the bottom of the housing list.<p>

i cried and cried to my worker about just placing us somewhere else, but all she said was "we cant do nothing!" and we had to move.<p>

it was a horrible move to make. but joe and i just kept thinking, "it's better then actually being homeless" at least kaipo'i, our daughter has a roof over her head, a shower with hot water to shower in and all that good stuff, even though it's so dirty, outside the apartment.<p>

I think there needs to be classes for all the micronesians or the people that just moved to hawaii, because if these new buidings are built they are going to keep the same dirty lifesyles and eventually the new kpt is going to look just the same as the old one! and i really wouldnt want that to happen!
the elevators dont work. a security person has to be in there 247 to press the buttons for all the people in the building. we live on the 8th floor, so when we want the elevator to get us we have to yell "8th floor" through the doors. it takes 10- 15 for the elevator to get us. joe works 7 am and i start school at 745 am. we need to leave EXTRA early because of that, after worrying about the elevator, we need to deal with the traffic all the way to kahala. the stairways smell like doo doo and shi shi! it looks like noone cleans anything when there should be workers cleaning 5 days a week. it's just crazy in kpt. <p>

Joe and I would be at ease to have a nice apartment to come home to. we are a young couple but we are trying hard to get somewhere and it would be really nice to be blessed with a place like in the drawings.
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Award Entry

Transformation of Kuhio Park Terrace into an integrated, healthy, sustainable community 

KPT is a public housing development built over 40 years ago when concrete towers based on the modernist Ville Radieuse model was the norm for affordable housing. Over time, the project has become a concentration of poverty accompanied by social maladies. The challenge was to transform the project while retaining the existing towers.

Our overarching theme, 'Community of Hope', is reflected in openness, optimism and transformation of KPT and the larger community. The planning concept involved the home as the basic unit and scaling upwards to residential clusters which then formed 11 neighbourhoods, and finally an integrated, healthy, sustainable village.

Great effort was placed in the deconstruction and separation of the existing twin towers into six smaller scale independent towers with separate access, identity and amenities. The two-storey low-rise neighbourhoods were designed to stay within the scale parameters. Housing types expanded to include special needs and the elderly.

The heart of the project is the new Village Centre designed to accommodate the social and commercial activities of the community. Site development incorporated Low Impact Development, edible landscapes and symbolic native Hawaiian plants. The sustainable design featured all naturally ventilated units, solar, PV, etc. and was planned for LEED Gold.

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Status Proposed conceptual design
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Group 70 International
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