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Mero Beach, Mero Village, Dominica

Wednesday 12 Aug 2009

Mero: green holiday hero

Mero Beach by BURO II in Mero Village, Dominica
Mero Beach by BURO II in Mero Village, Dominica Mero Beach by BURO II in Mero Village, Dominica Mero Beach by BURO II in Mero Village, Dominica Mero Beach by BURO II in Mero Village, Dominica Mero Beach by BURO II in Mero Village, Dominica Mero Beach by BURO II in Mero Village, Dominica
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04/05/12 Florida, Hollywood
When does this project take place? Will there be duty free shops within the resort?
21/01/11 Helga, Pont Casse
No offense, but I think this is ugly and very out of place for Dominica. Please do not ruin the Island with this ridiculous looking concept. It would be acceptable maybe on the moon!
02/04/10 inovator, mero
this is a very breath taking project and i can already see the longterm effect that it will have on the people of mero and dominica by extention....my only hope is that the local comunity not be closed off from this project.. in terms of employment directly and indirectly.... and the proper use of its local resources.....
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Sustainability touches down on holiday island 

The development of an exclusive residential resort of 22,000 sq m is planned for Mero Beach on the west coast of the Commonwealth of Dominica. While the island is no stranger to holidaymakers, Mero Beach has never been home to a resort quite like this before.

Mero Beach is one of the most important beaches on the island with specific and relevant social and ecological values. The design of the Mero Beach resort intends to protect the delicate balance of fragile cultural, economical and natural elements and will be used to promote similar sustainable developments if the project reaches fruition. BURO II are currently in discussions with an investor to see through the project.

The hotel buildings included in the design are designed to have a 'dialogue' with their surroundings, providing privacy and security whilst allowing constant interaction with the natural surroundings. Living walls will be used to blend the buildings into their habitat. Locally sourced sustainable materials will be used together with techniques such as water management and energy reducing measures, and the predominance of natural vegetation to further this interaction.

It is hoped that Mero Village and the Resort will together form a hub of social and economic activity, drawing in visitors who wish to experience Dominica’s unique natural and cultural heritage, local food production, crafts and skills. The Resort will benefit from, protect and enhance the nation’s world renowned rainforest, coastal and wetland habitats and indigenous species. As a new cultural and business model for hospitality and regeneration, Mero Beach Resort will inspire and inform future developments towards sustainability, itself aiming towards LEED accreditation.


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