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Peace Bridge, Calgary, Canada

Sunday 09 Aug 2009

A stretch for Calatrava

Peace Bridge by Santiago Calatrava in Calgary, Canada
Courtesy Santiago Calatrava 
Peace Bridge by Santiago Calatrava in Calgary, Canada Peace Bridge by Santiago Calatrava in Calgary, Canada Peace Bridge by Santiago Calatrava in Calgary, Canada
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14/07/11 A Bridge Too Far (Away), Calgary
Time for an update on this design disaster: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/canada-in-afghanistan/Peace Bridge name brought peace anyone project/5098699/story.html And there is no completion date even in sight! MAYBE buy 2013...
11/08/09 Andrew, Edinburgh
Calatrava really is a good lad, fantastic bridge.
11/08/09 JB, Calgary
This is a welcome project to this city. Although many of us in the deisgn community are welcoming this new project it has not received the greatest reception from the general public. That is in part due in my opinion to a real lack of design dialogue within the public realm. This project along with the recently released entries for the Cantos museum have really brought a lot of new and eagerly awaited discussion on architecture and urban desing in this city. Despite the global recession it is times like these we need to push forward, costs in construction are down, quality gains importance over quantity, and cities begin to take a true look at where they aspire to be in the future. I look forward to experencing this bridge when completed. Calatrava's work is a tribute to the merger of successful design and engineering.
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Calgary Peace Bridge unveiled 

The City of Calgary Canada has unveiled a new $24.5 million footbridge, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The red and white tubular structure which will span the Bow River and connect the North shore to the downtown, will make it easier for Calgarians to commute in and out of the city by foot or by bike.

The bridge’s helix design, which has been likened to a Chinese finger puzzle and a candy stick, is a departure for Calatrava, whose iconic bridges are recognizable worldwide for their soaring masts, delicate steel cables and absence of symmetry. But as this bridge had to be designed without piers in the riverbed or vertical elements above, it required a different approach, resulting in its tubular form. Seemingly simplistic at first glance, the Peace Bridge is 'a highly technical bridge' said Calatrava, like no other he has ever designed.

Painted a bright Canadian red, the 130 meter long single span bridge will have separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists. It will be covered in glass for year round use and lit at night.

Scheduled for completion in late 2010, the bridge is expected to be used by more than 5,000 people a day.

Sharon McHugh
US Correspondent

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Santiago Calatrava

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