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The Urban Strip, Amman, Jordan

Thursday 30 Jul 2009

A plan for Amman

The Urban Strip by Urban Exchange London in Amman, Jordan
Urban Exchange London - Architects & Urban Planners/Designers 
The Urban Strip by Urban Exchange London in Amman, Jordan The Urban Strip by Urban Exchange London in Amman, Jordan The Urban Strip by Urban Exchange London in Amman, Jordan
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Urban regeneration proposal for Wadi Amman 

A 4km strip of land in the centre of the city is trapped and isolated between two roads. The objective of the Masterplan is to provide connectivity and revive its potential through a programme of urban regeneration.

The jabals and wadis have been the scene of settlement since ancient times, the natural benefits of the verdant valley bed being a sustainable habitat. The Ammonites made it their Amman, the Romans made their Philadelphia. The valley bed has become void of human activity. The ceaseless movement of traffic has cut off a swathe of habitation.

The Seil is a serpentine river bed lying between the steep banks of the valley. The proposal articulates this ribbon of land into three main zones:

Wadi Philadelphia is the heritage and touristic hub. Close to hotels this area has a concentration of historic fragments. The main attraction being the Roman amphitheatre and the Citadel on the nearby hilltop.
Wadi Raghadan hosts Community and Business activities, blending functions that assure activity for the neighbourhood. Housing including affordable units are located here together with education facilities.
Wadi Al Mahatta lies at the eastern end of the study site and is the gateway to downtown Amman. The urban morphology proposed in this zone caters for large flows of people entering the Strip. A concert Plaza and the Theme Park share the large car park. The terminus of the light rail and the car park underpin the intermodal transport function of the gateway.

The Masterplan responds to the demographic profile existing and future. It enables an environment to be built that will reverse the trend of socio-economic decline. The proposal contributed to a process which culminated in the announcement of the Wadi Amman Regeneration Project in 2009.

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Status Concept Design
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Urban Exchange London
WIN Awards 2016
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