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Library España, Medellín, Colombia

Monday 29 Jun 2009

Into the valley...

Library España by Giancarlo Mazzanti in Medellín, Colombia
Giancarlo Mazzanti & Arquitectos Ltda. 
Library España by Giancarlo Mazzanti in Medellín, Colombia Library España by Giancarlo Mazzanti in Medellín, Colombia Library España by Giancarlo Mazzanti in Medellín, Colombia
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Award Entry

The library as part of the landscape 

Much more than a building, the Library España proposes the construction of a topography that belongs to the valley. It is a mechanism to organise the program and the whole of its surroundings, showing the unknown directions of the irregular mountain contours, not like a metaphor, but like an organisation of form in the site, a folded building cut like the mountains that surround it. An artificial landscape redefines the folded mountain structure in form and space, nullifying the idea of landscape as background and encouraging the ambiguity of building-landscape.

The project is organised in two structures; the first one is the building– landscape (rocks) and the second one is a platform that integrates and transforms the covered space into a square that looks into the valley; this way, the building is empowered as a meeting place, multiplying the connections and letting the space develop as a reference point.

The site is composed by small brick houses, a product of auto construction, and residue of green areas as a result of the impossibility to construct on it. This organisational system produces a uniform texture of the city and defines its landscape. Like an icon, the building keeps the tension that already exists. Geography becomes the element of hierarchy, and architecture the epitome of texture.

The first premise was to develop a building that, through its interior design, could de-contextualise the individual from the poverty that surrounds him, creating a warm atmosphere based on natural light and generating a great ambience for study and lecture. This is the reason why the building takes a timid look into the city trough the small windows that show the relation with the valley, letting light enter from the top of the building.

Key Facts

Status Completed
Value 0(m€)
Giancarlo Mazzanti

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