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Seville University Library, Seville, Spain

Thursday 25 Jun 2009

Seville says 'NO' to Hadid library

Seville University Library by Zaha Hadid Architects in Seville, Spain
Seville University Library by Zaha Hadid Architects in Seville, Spain Seville University Library by Zaha Hadid Architects in Seville, Spain Seville University Library by Zaha Hadid Architects in Seville, Spain Seville University Library by Zaha Hadid Architects in Seville, Spain
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27/08/11 Leo, McAllwn
Any updates on the project? I was at the site in July 2010 and the project seemed to be abandoned.
02/09/09 JE, greenwich
I have never been a fan of Her designs and this is no exception.
I have not seen very much of this work or the concept behind it but at first glance it seems it only fullfills the architects ego not its function.
26/08/09 Peter Buttgens, Cape Town SA
One architect's vision is another's nightmare. I totally get ZH architectural and spatial explorations. She has a unique visual ability. It's great that these are now 'main-stream' enough for usually conservative Uni boards to award her this work. (Of course there is mutual exploitation, but that's another issue.) What is a pity thou', is that residents have to go to court. Frankly, bully to them for standing up for their right to complain if they feel that their environment will suffer or be negatively affected by an Architect's 'vision'. Part of an architect's consideration is how his visions integrates with its environment. And how his/hers vision is a good neighbour without pandering to any prescriptions.
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03/07/09 thilina Karunachndra, colombo, Sri Lanka
nice built form, & well ballanced with its hight & the length , deconstructivisum has played very mature way than other zaha hadids,works. Thanks , i enjoyed the building..
30/06/09 Joseph Pax, Ohio, USA
I can understand why the Andalusian High Court and Seville residents are attempting to terminate this project -- the building is divorced from it's context and appears a sophomoric attempt to capture the essence of Daniel Libeskind's Berlin Holocoust Musuem. I'm sorry to read that construction is unfortunately proceeding on the project.
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30/06/09 christof Albertyn, Paarl
How shortsighted of the public to loose out on making history?
Please come and build in SA the most open society in the world!
30/06/09 Andrew, Edinburgh
Dear Seville,

Well Done.


Public prompt ruling against Seville University Library design 

A ruling has been made by the Andalusian high court against the continuation of works at Seville University Library - the site of Zaha Hadid's dramatic 9,000 sq m building, following a lobby by locals who disapprove of the plans.

Despite the ruling, construction which is already underway, will continue: “Works continue at the construction site of the University of Seville Library," said a spokesperson for Zaha Hadid. "Projects such as this library - offering a wide variety of civic, cultural, educational and research programmes - are vital for every community. As the university has outgrown its existing facilities, the new library is essential for the university’s development and reflective of its deep commitment to the future of Seville.

“The Government of Andalucía, the Seville City Council and the University of Seville will be appealing the ruling. All construction works continue as normal throughout the appeal process," he added.

Residents are said to have disapproved of the loss of land surrounding the library including planting. 250 trees and 500 shrubs were removed from the land, delaying the project by 4 months, and transplanted elsewhere in an effort to ensure the trees were not wasted.

Once set to provide residents and visitors to Seville with a state-of-the-art public library and reading rooms, exhibition hall, and conference facility, the library's future is now uncertain.

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Zaha Hadid Architects

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