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Pirogovo Golf Club, Moscow, Russia

Monday 15 Jun 2009

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Pirogovo Golf Club by Totan Kuzembaev Architectural Workshop in Moscow, Russia
Totan Kuzembaev AW 
Pirogovo Golf Club by Totan Kuzembaev Architectural Workshop in Moscow, Russia Pirogovo Golf Club by Totan Kuzembaev Architectural Workshop in Moscow, Russia Pirogovo Golf Club by Totan Kuzembaev Architectural Workshop in Moscow, Russia
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Totan Kuzembaev completes golf clubhouse in Moscow region 

Pirogovo resort in the near-Moscow region is a show of micro-masterpieces by some of the best Russian contemporary architects who were drawn to this site by Alexander Yezhkov, owner of its development ideology – the transformation of the former Soviet trade Unions’ retreat “Klyazma Water Reserve” into an oasis of ecologically clean and architecturally refined. A Dedalo Minosse award in 2008 is just one proof of this.

A new social facility appeared on the site in summer 2008. It is a golf club designed by architect Totan Kuzembaev as well as many other Pirogovo projects. Critics called it the long awaited “sitting room” of the resort. The location of the golf-club and its architectural solution are very appropriate; it is situated in a bottleneck “front” part of the resort that calls for this very building with completely glassed walls that does not hide the panorama, which is very important for the first impression of the place.

This transparency is the main innovation feature of the project; an enormous hall (almost 700 sq. m, laminated wood arches spanning 18 m) is blended with the surrounding pine wood and smoothly transits into the golf course. In spite of its “aeriality” it is a real house. Massive wooden roofing lies on “glass” supports (it is clear that there is something opaque and strong inside them which is hidden by matt glass that gives an idea of the columns' absence – they are brightly illuminated at night adding certain surrealism to the landscape) and is immaculately elaborated on in structure and details, without being oppresive.

It creates a feeling of log house coziness. The feeling gets stronger because artist Yuri Avvakumov’s installation (a bar/reception counter made of gigantic black and white stone domino bones) is very similar to the traditional Russian oven that was always the center of a log house, a traditional Russian habitat.

There are many other elegant peculiarities of the interior and environment of the building that are also involved in a virtuoso development of its main theme – transparency, inclusion in the landscape and “light wooden” character. There is something of Konstantin Melnikov in the upper part and something of Mies van der Rohe in the lower part taken together it has a feel of something Japanese. As a whole, it is Totan Kuzembaev who designed a kind of building never before seen in Russia. Pirogovo golf club will definitely make the game more popular with over-stressed Muscovites. A Minute of Rolex in Euronews will become hours of meditation in Pirogovo for many of them, making the owner happy and bringing new contracts to T. Kuzembaev and his friends.

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