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Slough Bus Station, Slough, United Kingdom

Friday 29 May 2009

Driving through regeneration

Slough Bus Station by bblur architecture in Slough, United Kingdom
Slough Bus Station by bblur architecture in Slough, United Kingdom Slough Bus Station by bblur architecture in Slough, United Kingdom
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28/03/12 Donna Marks, SLOUGH
Blame the Labour run Slough Borough Council and their regeneration team for this disaster zone they call the new bus station. Check out the Slough Express newspaper online, see the numerous complaints from residents who experience commuter hell trying to get home via that silly station.

The Slough MP Fiona MacTaggart recently slammed the Tories for cutting the transport budget. Surely the £12M her people wasted on this rubbish bus station was not enough that is why they missed out the vital facilities like wide enough entrance / exit space for the actual buses, seats, toilets, shelter and most importantly BUSES.

SBC mess up AGAIN, this is not their construction bludner, a few years back they blew a cool £9M on pavement in the High Street, at the same time loads of shops went bust and some were eventually replaced by 99p stores or takeaways full of illegal workers. Everything they do ends up in the doo doo.

People moving into the area soon realise that they need a car just to do a short journey as public transport is woefully expensive and inadequate. Slough Borough Council are not fit for purpose just like the bus station.

It is acutally putting locals off going to the town centre and no doubt, retail business is suffering (loads of shops have gone bust in the High Street).

In February, 100 pensioners and elderly residents gathered and protested about this rubbishy new bus station. They confronted Cllr Swindlehurst and pointed out the design failings to provide a decent waiting area suitable for elderly, disabled or children. They also argued how it is driving revenue away from the town and into other more affluent towns like Windsor or High Wycombe. Clr Swindlehurst explained how the new bus is far better than the old one. He also said who he would put in a few extra shelters and toilets. The public are still waiting.

I don't imagine that Cllrs getting paid over £80K rely on Slough buses to get to their high salaried jobs, while the rest of us have to WALK at least 30 minutes from Yew Tree Road to the Bus station to go home!
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27/03/12 Mel, Slough
FAIL. I see they have had to build normal street bus shelters under to give travellers some sort of protection from the elements. Exactly how much hard earned tax payers money was spent on this?
25/06/11 Tony Osborne, Slough
I raised concerns a year ago, and was told it would be like High Wycombe: enclosed - no smoking, good toilets, good general departure boards, and I believe all essential services connect. Slough now seems the worst of all environments: no toilets, exposed to all elements, smoking everywhere - encouraged by bins with ashtrays, from which there's no escape. It is in fact 3 bus stations: Wellington St, main precinct, Brunel way. General departure boards are poorly placed - it took several visits to work out where - and there are none in Wellington St or Brunel way - and no indication of departures in the other areas. Even with timetables to hand, we need live information in case buses are late or cancelled. I'm very thankful for a new bus station - or would like to be. It fulfils its primary function of moving and parking buses, within limits, and as a creative artist, I'm all for striking and innovative design - but not if it fails so many of its users.
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18/06/11 r canavan, slough
I have recently used the new Slough bus station and can confirm it is the most heart breaking waste of money. Yet another monument to some Architects ego, whoever commissioned this not fit for purpose joke should be sacked.
14/06/11 Julia Green, London
Absolutely amazing! it looks great! love it. What a diference... well done slough!
12/06/11 Peter Daniells, Cookham
What a disaster. Designed and built at enormous expense (and several months late) with no consideration for the passengers who will use it. The wavy roof is so high that wind and rain blow in on passengers waiting below, as I'm sure the snow will do in winter. The 'waiting room' which is still unfinished and locked out of use, looks big enough to hold about a dozen people, and is too far from the bus stands for people to be able to see when their bus has arrived. When compared with the new bus station in High Wycombe, Slough has got it terribly wrong, and High Wycombe has a facility to be proud of..
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07/06/11 Denise Warburton, Langley
If this is an example of what slough will look like in the future, then Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough.
07/06/11 Alan Bainbridge, Slough
I agree with Nick MacDonald. I had to get a bus on 6/6/11 and got wet and cold when waiting for the bus. It is a horrible experience and we have been ripped off by the people who designed it and by Slough Borough Council
06/06/11 Nick macDonald, Slough
I have heard the new bus station refered to as The Fish, The Maggot and the Basking Shark. It is open to the elements and buses have to carry out dangerous manoeuvres. Whoever dsigned this piece of rubbish is a flim-flam with an ego bigger than skill as an architect
18/01/11 Alan Bond, Watchet ex Slough
I see that buses will have to reverse off the bus stands. This is a highly dangerous and outmoded practice that should have been made illegal years ago. It was fine when buses had conductors but with single manning of buses almost universal it is a retrograde step by comparison with the old bus station which had drive through facilities. Having said that, the old bus station was a cold and draughty place to wait for a bus and could have been a lot better designed. It was also built in the wrong place. At the time of its construction, there was a piece of land available close by the High Street which should have been the site chosen as it would have taken the majority of people much closer to where they wanted to be.
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Birmingham planning team help Slough Bus Station achieve planning 

The Birmingham planning team for Drivers Jonas has achieved planning permission on behalf of client Slough Borough Council for an eye catching new bus station in Slough. The scheme will kick-start long-awaited regeneration in the town as part of the £400 million ‘Heart of Slough’ project designed to revamp Slough’s town centre through major mixed use development including offices, residential, leisure, and a new library.

The new bus station is the first of a number of key developments to be brought forward within the Heart of Slough masterplan area which covers 11.75 ha of land in the town centre mainly owned by the Borough Council and Thames Valley University.

Replacing Slough’s outdated 1970’s Brunel Bus Station, the new bus station, designed by Bblur architecture, is so iconic that it has already been shortlisted for the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, the largest open submission contemporary art exhibition in the world.

Comprising a unique 140 metre feature length canopy, the new bus station will incorporate operational facilities and passenger waiting areas in a total area of 450 sq m. This will include 10 bus bays, three layover spaces and associated bus stands for First Bus, alongside enhanced passenger facilities including waiting rooms, a coffee shop, newsagents, toilet facilities and cycle stands. The station will also provide a new sheltered pedestrian route between the railway station and the town centre. Planners at Drivers Jonas worked hard to achieve planning approval for the innovative scheme. The lengthy process involved close liaison with officers at Slough Borough Council, various consultees and stakeholders, and Development Securities who are bringing forward a major office scheme on an adjoining site to the bus station, through which the bus station’s canopy will extend.

“We are delighted to have successfully achieved planning approval on behalf of Slough Borough Council on a project where we have clearly demonstrated our capability in driving schemes located outside of the Midlands,” commented Mathew Jones, planning partner for Drivers Jonas Birmingham. “The application received unanimous approval at Committee following a number of months of proactive engagement with key consultees and other interested parties to resolve all issues on this complex and high profile project. The bus station will provide a new landmark for Slough and one which we believe will be an important catalyst for further regeneration within the town centre.”

Demolition of the existing bus station will start later this year with construction work starting on the new station in early 2010.

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