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EDQM Building, Strasburg, France

Friday 08 May 2009

Quality control

EDQM Building by Art & Build in Strasburg, France
copyright: Art & Build 
EDQM Building by Art & Build in Strasburg, France EDQM Building by Art & Build in Strasburg, France EDQM Building by Art & Build in Strasburg, France
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New centre in Strasburg that quite literally sets the standard 

The European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM) is the prestigious institution in Strasburg that is part of the Council of Europe. The headquarters expresses EDQM’s growing role in the society as one of only three institutional building of this type worldwide. The building is designed to meet the specific activities of the institution; laboratory work, meetings and symposiums, administration, restaurant and conviviality.

Prestige and functionality are symbolised within a secure site, for example sustainability; materials, techniques and layout are dictated by comfort, health, economy, ecology, energy, water saving, maintenance and security, transparency, integration and effectiveness.

Located at the interface between town / countryside defined by the canal and the Allée Kastner, the flagship building complex, with its planted roofs, expresses both strength and integration into the landscape. It is composed of three elements - laboratories, offices and common areas – each being clearly highlighted according to use, technical and security requirements.

Laboratories are protected by a curved facetted fritted glass skin designed according to sun angle, (an active naturally ventilated buffer zone using exhaust air from the offices), where visitors can safely view the activity. Staff, from laboratories to logistics, receive true colour natural light. Heat pumps on geothermal wells provide heating and cooling requirements to the 3 functions that complement each other’s need in energy. Under the timber arches, highly flexible barn-like space integrates the laboratories’ technical buffer zones for ease of maintenance.

Offices receive true natural light through pivoting fritted glass privacy louvers providing buffer zone, solar control and light reflectors. Seismic proof concrete structure’s thermal mass is helped by radiant ceilings for climatic & acoustical comfort, mixed mode ventilation compatible.

Common areas are entirely naturally lit and have selected views outside. Climate control, designed for fast changing numbers of occupants, serves the fluidity of interconnected foyers, reducing redundancy of spaces and equipment.

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