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WAN Poll Results, Chelsea Barracks, London, United Kingdom

Monday 27 Apr 2009

Architects back Rogers 2:1

WAN Poll Results, Chelsea Barracks by WAN Editorial in London, United Kingdom
Lord Rogers' design (left) Quinlan Terry's design (right) 
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28/04/09 Peter Hancock, Maseru
It is quite undersrtandable that the majority of readers and subscribers to WAN, being architects, would tend to vote for the Rogers' scheme. The reality is, however, that it is the residents' views that really count; as they are the ones who will have to live with the actual project, when built. And there is little doubt that considered in spatial terms, the concept of open courtyards or squares, would have been a more humane and urbane environment.<p>

There is also the question of the former Garrison Church on the site, which will be either demolished, or possibly relocated. This has resulted in a vociferous and well-orchestrated campaign to retain the Church, which was used by generations of Guardsmen for worship, and which forms a memorial to those who died in the service of their country.<p>

To demolish this sacred building, which could have been incorporated in the design, in some way, as with St Giles, Cripplegate, around which the Barbican Centre is built, seems unfortunate, to say the least.
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The really interesting aspect of your opinion poll must be that as many as 30% of your readers, who for the most part are architcts themselves, actually voted for a self appointed dilettante rather than one masters of world architecture.
28/04/09 gabriela igleias RIBA, london
I think that that al the big names in architecture should shut up!! specially Ms S Hadid with her arrogant and extravagant designs which in todays world have contributed to to great economic desaster and collapse, and their opinion is so obviosuly one sided that should not count .
I think that His Magestic point of view Price Charles is more genuine and full of heart and tottaly detached of any self interest in the matter, more than his tru love for the land. The rest only think in fame, prizes and big fat accounts out side the UK, are these people the best to create an image of architecture in this country?
The Madoffs of this world are all those which put first greed to sensibility, grandiour for the its own sake, fancy shapes over practical matters, and the money spent in any of the so call "famous Architects" add no more than miles of gap between the needs of more of the 85 per cent of the world population and the ones with too much.It is time that the profession its self becomes more humble and identifies it self with the culture of a country morethan impossing, fancy blocks of glass (which thereafter are labeled as green)
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28/04/09 Brian William Kuper AIA, Dallas, USA
"We can not afford the nostalgic few, whom seek to evoke an empire lost, to be given a louder voice than the rest of us trying to take this country into the 21st or even the 20th century."<p>

This comment could not describe the world architectural debate, or at least the debate we deal with in the US, more succinctly. Well stated!
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WAN Poll results show muted support for Rogers Chelsea Barracks design 

As the RIBA and Pritzker prize-winning architects were lending their names to dissent against The Prince of Wales’ interference in the planning process last week, WAN asked for your opinion on his recent attempt to block Richard Rogers’ Chelsea Barracks design and to compare Rogers' design with the Quinlan Terry design the Prince subsequently commissioned for the same site. The results were not clear cut.

5 Pritzker prize winners: Jacques Herzog, Lord Foster, Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano, Frank Gehry and five others, signed their names in a letter to the UK's Sunday Times after the Prince's hearty opposition to Rogers' design for the £1billion Chelsea Barracks housing scheme emerged. The scheme is set to create 552 homes in the prestigious London borough of Chelsea. RIBA's President Sunand Prasad also issued a statement urging the Prince to back down. The issue is as hotly felt in the rest of the architecture community as is evidenced in our keenly participated poll.

While two thirds of readers voted for Rogers’ design as the preferred option for the site, many did so reluctantly, commenting that the accommodation design needed improvement. One architect commented: “I can really vote for neither. Lord Rogers' architecture is exquisite (as usual), but his place-making is horrid. He stacks the dwellings like compact shelving in a library archive - maximum storage of human beings.

“In this respect,” the comment continues, “the Prince's design at least provides humane and varied spatial experiences and reinforces the street wall, befitting an extension of the urban fabric of London...If only the we could have the architectural integrity of Rogers' scheme with the spatial experience of the Prince's scheme”

Others commented that the Rogers design was ‘sterile’ and ‘bland’. Overwhelmingly, however, it was noted that Quinlan Terry’s design for the Prince is outdated. "The Prince Charles sponsored design symbolises his aspiration to transform Britain into a historical 'olde worlde' theme park where he at least can be assured of getting an appropriate job. Disney do it better. Leave the real world to real people," read one comment, while another stated, "We can not afford the nostalgic few, whom seek to evoke an empire lost, to be given a louder voice than the rest of us trying to take this country into the 21st or even the 20th century."

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