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Bangla Bari, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Tuesday 10 Mar 2009

New recipe from celebrity chef

Bangla Bari by Oli Mahmud Architects in Dhaka, Bangladesh
copyright: 98° architectural studio 
Bangla Bari by Oli Mahmud Architects in Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangla Bari by Oli Mahmud Architects in Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangla Bari by Oli Mahmud Architects in Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangla Bari by Oli Mahmud Architects in Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangla Bari by Oli Mahmud Architects in Dhaka, Bangladesh
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23/03/11 bea mullah, london
First of all let me say congratulations on considering green building technology for your building.
But I am sad to say that the features you are describing are not reflected in your design. Putting some trees on varandas do not constitute geen features. You need to take a sustainable approach to this, look at power generation and consumption. Water usage. waste handling. In this building solar panels could produce all the communal lighting for example.

Your CGI show a tiled over driveway, in a country like Bangladesh this is very bad design when the monsoon rains come.

There are lots of very simple features that could be implemented, not just a few trees on the varandas

Good luck

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Design scheme reacts to new laws for green space 

Bangladeshi-born British celebrity chef Tommy Miah is famous for his curry recipe. Inspired by his fame, his innovation continues for a new venture. This undertaking simply improvises the initiative to build a luxurious apartment at Basundhara Residential area, a private housing zone at Dhaka city. Stripling Properties Limited is shaping up the project into reality as the developer. The construction work has already been started, with an estimated completion date of April 2011 is the estimated completion date declared by the developer.

Practice of Oli Mahmud, 98° architectural studio has been selected to the design the project. The Development Authority of Dhaka City (RAJUK) approved the scheme in February, following the newly introduced building guidelines in Bangladesh. According to the new laws, compulsory green area is a vital criterion to design in highly dense Dhaka City, as green space in Dhaka is diminishing in direct proportion to the increasing population of the city.

The project has been tagged as "Bangla Bari" which will house all the living units with passive ventilation and lighting accompanied by all modern living amenities. The top floor is specially designed for community activities to promote social interaction among the residents.

The revealed design incorporates the accommodation of green space at different layers. Rooftop gardening with some casual seating is arranged to amplify the green area ratio. This vertical plantation is a response to the thinning of vegetation and at the same time produces a vibrant living atmosphere.

Key Facts

Status Ongoing
Value 0(m€)
Oli Mahmud Architects

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