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ROC Rijn Ijssel, Arnhem, Netherlands

Tuesday 03 Mar 2009

All clear on the educational front

ROC Rijn Ijssel by LIAG in Arnhem, Netherlands
copyright: Iemke Ruige / LIAG 
ROC Rijn Ijssel by LIAG in Arnhem, Netherlands ROC Rijn Ijssel by LIAG in Arnhem, Netherlands ROC Rijn Ijssel by LIAG in Arnhem, Netherlands
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Award Entry

Transparent building with an open character offers a familiar and stimulating educational environment 

LIAG has created a new transparent building with an open character for Rijn IJssel Arnhem that offers a familiar and stimulating educational environment for students and staff. It is a flexible building that fulfills current and future educational needs.

Transparency. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when confronted with the new development. Designed by architect Erik Schotte, the new building for the regional training centre offers its surroundings a view inside. With its large overhanging upper stories, the interplay of lines formed by the floors and the large glass surfaces, the building has a striking presence. The public areas on each floor are spaciously designed, with the four floors interconnected by playfully located broad stairways.

The stairs, which connect all the various educational landscapes, not only function as a vertical connection, but also have integrated workspaces for students. With clear open connections between all the landscapes, the transparent character of the building is further accentuated.

A good educational environment contributes to high quality education. Modern competence based education is largely practice-based, making it important that the students, aside from being in a school building where they acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge and basic skills, can also spend time there with their school friends and feel at home and proud of their school community.

The goal of this new development was therefore not only the improvement of the educational environment, but also a better identification for all users. A building that can serve as a showpiece for the school and fits with a strategy, in which cooperation with the practical field plays an important role. With its compact form, column structure, seasonal underground thermal storage and automatic regulation of the interior climate depending on usage, it is a sustainable and flexible building that will stand the test of time.


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