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Killka - Espacio Salentein, MENDOZA, Argentina

Friday 20 Feb 2009

Gateway to a winery

Killka - Espacio Salentein by Bormida & Yanzon Arquitectos in MENDOZA, Argentina
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Killka provides a warm welcome to visitors of the Salentein Winery 

Killka is located in the heart of Valle de Uco one of the main wine regions of Mendoza, surrounded by the Andean desert and mountains. It is one of the buildings within the Salentein Winery.

This building acts as a gate welcoming all visitors. It consists of a symmetrical square ground plan with a central patio, penetrated by a long axis, which structures the whole set of buildings longitudinally.

The design puts together solid and cyclopean concrete volumes, representing the soil’s sedimentary layers and huge glass planes. These volumes are protected from the sun by broad galleries. They are reminiscent of regional past times yet contemporary in their expression and technology, updating a strongly Andean feature. This identity is portrayed by a centralized plan which resembles old rural patio houses, enhancing the essence of the open sky and water patio as the symbolic heart of the building.

Visitors access Killka through a broad front gallery, which opens into the central patio with a water floor surrounded by art pieces. On the left, visitors come to the art exhibit rooms and, to the right, to the restaurant. At the back of the patio, there is a completely glassed hall, with a clear view of the winery and a chapel at both ends of the long axis. Visitors meet at the hall to start their tour and walk towards the winery among a small dydactic vineyard to show how the natural desert is transformed into an agricultural oasis, a typical feature of Mendoza.

Bormida & Yanzon Arquitectos
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