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Zira Island Masterplan, Baku, Azerbaijan

Friday 06 Feb 2009

Ain't no mountain...

Zira Island Masterplan by Bjarke Ingels Group in Baku, Azerbaijan
Copyright BIG/Ramboll 
Zira Island Masterplan by Bjarke Ingels Group in Baku, Azerbaijan Zira Island Masterplan by Bjarke Ingels Group in Baku, Azerbaijan Zira Island Masterplan by Bjarke Ingels Group in Baku, Azerbaijan Zira Island Masterplan by Bjarke Ingels Group in Baku, Azerbaijan Zira Island Masterplan by Bjarke Ingels Group in Baku, Azerbaijan Zira Island Masterplan by Bjarke Ingels Group in Baku, Azerbaijan
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22/05/13 Danielle, MO
Well, these comments sure are disappointing. Looks like some people don't have any creativity, appreciation for design, or the environment. So throwing up a regular box building in front of a parking lot is so much better??? There is no real thought in that. We have enough of that junk. We have enough buildings that serve a single purpose, or no purpose.

Hats off & Kudos to anyone who strives to, and does include concern for the environment in their design. Bjarke Ingels obviously does this and amazingly well. His designs & structures are some of the most beautiful and innovative architecture I have ever seen. It is incredibly inspiring to see them and all of his group's other projects. Since they have already completed many projects and have approval for the Zira Island, it is apparently doable. Of course I believe in this project! A fully sustainable eco-system has been around for thousands of years...until man came along and is screwing things up, so why would it not be possible to create it on this island?? BIG explained its plans clearly.

If you do not believe in creations like this, then I feel sorry for you and your lack of intelligence and creativity. EVERYWHERE needs more places like this. EVERYWHERE needs more eco friendly and eco conscious cities & people.

Reserve your judgement and go see it for yourself!
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05/06/10 Lewis, Chicago
Heard the architect on the BBC. He certainly gives you an earful of buzzwords - that can't be a good sign.
11/02/09 Robert, Washington
Just one more tired example of an architecture of pixels...when will people discuss real buildings? To even believe this completely artificial project could be a "carbon-neutral" project demonstrates nothing so much as a complete misunderstanding of that concept.
10/02/09 Mungo Park, Tewkesbury
Oh dear, does anyone believe this stuff any more - 'a fully sustainable eco-system'? Look out for mountain goats, alpine plants, rabbit droppings, Azerbaijani goat-herds, streams, tundra etc. Why does anywhere, let alone Azerbaijan, need this sort of development?
10/02/09 Deanna, San Francisco
WOW! Amazingly beautiful!
10/02/09 sull, Chicago
Terrible. We expect more from the Danes. It looks like it belongs in Vegas.

Bjarke Ingels Group take mountain fetish to the next level with Zira Island Masterplan 

Mimicking and blending in with a region’s topography is a trick that most architects are familiar with, but Danish firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) take the art to the highest level.

In October 2008 WAN caught up with the firm’s founding partner, Bjarke Ingles, following their presentation of residential development Mountain Dwellings at the World Architecture Festival Awards in Barcelona, which subsequently won in its category. But that has proven just a taster of BIG’s passion for man-made mountains as they present details of the Zira Island master plan in Baku, Azerbaijan - a 1million sq m range of seven cultural, residential and leisure peaks and Central Asia’s first carbon neutral master plan.

The imagery is breath-taking. From a distance the Island’s topography is an illuminated mountain range, but in reality the landscape is a living, functioning, inhabited space, seven towers creating a new mountain city. Importantly the scheme mimics the properties of natural mountains to create a fully sustainable eco-system.

“What we propose for Zira Zero Island is an architectural landscape based on the natural landscape of Azerbaijan,” says Ingels. “This new architecture not only recreates the iconic silhouettes of the seven peaks, but more importantly creates an autonomous ecosystem where the flow of air, water, heat and energy are channeled in almost natural ways. A mountain creates biotopes and eco-niches, it channels water and stores heat, it provides viewpoints and valleys, access and shelter. The Seven Peaks of Azerbaijan are not only metaphors, but actual living models of the mountainous ecosystems of Azerbaijan.”

Together with engineers Ramboll, BIG’s aim is to create a completely self-sufficient island and to do so by combining local building traditions with the latest technologies, helping to reinvent this young, post-soviet democracy as a key driver in sustainable living.

Niki May Young
News Editor

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Status Concept design
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Bjarke Ingels Group

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