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Dorobanti Tower, Bucharest, Romania

Friday 23 Jan 2009

Zaha's offering for Bucharest

Dorobanti Tower by Zaha Hadid Architects in Bucharest, Romania
Copyright Zaha Hadid Architects 
Dorobanti Tower by Zaha Hadid Architects in Bucharest, Romania Dorobanti Tower by Zaha Hadid Architects in Bucharest, Romania Dorobanti Tower by Zaha Hadid Architects in Bucharest, Romania Dorobanti Tower by Zaha Hadid Architects in Bucharest, Romania Dorobanti Tower by Zaha Hadid Architects in Bucharest, Romania Dorobanti Tower by Zaha Hadid Architects in Bucharest, Romania
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15/04/09 Bogdan Borgovan, New York
One of the main reasons why I defected from Romania before even finishing Architecture School in Bucharest was Ceausescu's "People's House". I could not imagine myself becoming an architect in a country where it was possible to destroy an entire historic neighborhood for the erection of a monument to Communism. Today, I would still feel ashame to call myself an architect in a city that can allow something like this tower to be built.
These days Bucharest seems to become an increasingly fertile ground to horrible monuments to Capitalism, and the voice of decent citizens and professionals seems to be as impotent to stop the spread of bad taste and megalomania now, as it was back in the days of the Lousy Cobbler...
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10/02/09 Sorin, Bucharest
"Like a nut on the wall". I feel unconfortable with a non logical and light burglar giant in my downtown... I'm against place to be, not against that building. Isn't north outskirts a better place for new developments?
10/02/09 Alina, Bucharest
Monstrous building! It looks apocalyptic and it resembles to the Sauron Tower from "Lord of the rings". It only lacks the fire eye!

What is in this guy's mind? Does he want another Babel Tower?! We do not need such a horrible building, dear Sir Zaha Hadid! We would suggest you to build a nice garden, like Versailles gardens, with a nice building next to it, not this monstrosity, so that, we could feel like being in France, not to feel as living on Star Trek ship!
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zaha may now enable future generations to 'live in' Chinese Lanterns
and call them URBANSCAPES
04/02/09 Marius Calin, New York City
As a native of this neighborhood, and an architect, I am extremely disappointed to see this spectacle of egotism being planned (and probably realized if the 'right' people are behind it) for such a neighborhood...no contextual relationship, no scale relationship, just a huge testament to greed and ignorance...that an developer is going to push this project is somewhat expected, still unexcusable, but that a Priktzer Prize winning architect such a Zaha Hadid would associate herself and submit this monstrosity is a true testament to how deluded architects have become, both for having put her on the pedestal she is on as much as the fact that a self-respecting architect would design such a project...
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02/02/09 iolanda costide, London
Bucharest, defaced by Ceausescu before 1989, by wild development, approved by corrupt officials, in the past 15 years, and by lack of funding to restore its historic architecture, spanning from medieval times to wonderful modern movement examples (the latter the object of an exhibition at the RIBA!) does not deserve this off-hand design.

A 200m high building may have been the developers brief, but architects can always advise Clients, as we really can 'know best'. This building would be most inappropriate in its proposed location.
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28/01/09 Michael Bird, Bucharest
The design is brave and Bucharest needs symbolic architecture which is representative of something other than its pre-war glory and Communist heritage.
However the needs of Bucharest and the talents of Zaha Hadid have not managed to cohere with this particular project due to one main factor - this is a bad location for this building.<p>

This area has a lot of low level villas and small apartment blocks. It is an area of many service industries, embassies, small restaurants, theatres and NGOs, all manned by a few people.
It is neither the financial heart [further north around Piata Victoriei], the retail heart [further south around Piata Unirii] or the administrative centre [around the famed People's Palace, now the Parliament, the second largest occupied building in the world]. <p>

Either of these three alternative locations, particularly the last, would be more suitable for such a building, where it could act as a counterpoint to nearby large-scale works of architecture, rather than a huge anomaly in a city too full of incongruous works of architecture using a Brutalist or inflated classical style from the 1970s and 1980s.
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Presenting a new style for the London architect's books 

Romania's capital city could be set to receive a 200m tall offering from star-architect Zaha Hadid. Dorobanti Tower has been proposed to join the eclectic mix of historic, communist and modern architecture in Bucharest and if approved will tower 80 m above the present tallest building in the city.

Providing a 5-star hotel (34,000 sq m) and apartments (35,000 sq m) the elliptical meshed structure has been designed to create an iconic presence in the heart of the city. The tapering form, a product of regulations and restrictions due to adjacent listed buildings, provides an immediate contrast to the jagged edged communist architecture surrounding the plot.

The meandering exterior columns are formed of concrete filled steel which both adds strength to the structure and provides fire resistance for the steel frame.

The design represents a departure from Hadid's signature style, however, this is integrated in to a public realm surrounding the structure in the addition of a "warped concrete carpet" with one continuous surface connecting the three surrounding streets adjacent to the tower. The deformations on the landscape create seating areas, water basins, garden spaces including trees and a lifted terrace.

Designed for the client, Smartown Investments, there will also be 4,600 sq m of retail situated in the base of the tower. Dorobanti Tower is scheduled for completion in 2013.

Niki May Young
News Editor

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Zaha Hadid Architects

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