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Singapore Civic and Cultural Center, Singapore, Singapore

Thursday 22 Jan 2009

Singapore's cultural signature

Singapore Civic and Cultural Center by Aedas in Singapore, Singapore
Singapore Civic and Cultural Center by Aedas in Singapore, Singapore Singapore Civic and Cultural Center by Aedas in Singapore, Singapore Singapore Civic and Cultural Center by Aedas in Singapore, Singapore Singapore Civic and Cultural Center by Aedas in Singapore, Singapore
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18/07/12 Starch, Singapore
Hmm well, I live 5 minutes away from this monstrosity. It neither takes into account the fact that a subway line that runs around it (thus obscuring part of the building) nor the fact that it is disproportionately out of scale to the rest of the neighborhood. I should also point out that this part of Singapore was formerly a lovely forested area before the entire area was ripped up over the last few years deforested and flattened to make room for development fantasies like fusionopolis, mediapolis, one-north and this 'cultural icon'. What a pity that so many beautiful trees died for this.
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01/12/09 Ron, Shanghai
I have seen a recent award publication with this project featured in which it received the top award for the entire Asian region. The physical model is very convincing especially in its relationship to the surrounding context. I do not think these images are doing the project justice. I was really impressed - it will be an amazing project when completed.
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24/02/09 Quadrus P., NYC-Toronto
Further to my previous comments, in addition to the headache this building gives me and having worked alongside the types that put out this material - one dimensional pornographers of trendy ejaculations - what a waste of material and labour. Please stop pitching the architects soul deeper into the evil ring.
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24/02/09 Quadrus Penseroso, NYC-Toronto
Did Corb not talk about how challenging it is to create interesting space with straight lines first? That if we must use a curve or two, there better be a whole lot reasoning. No reason no architecture. I look at this and there must be a tsunami of rational for some very saccharine moves. Really? Actually my head is starting to hurt - time for aspirin.
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17/02/09 Concerned_Sporean, Singapore
This building design is hideous! Neither does it represent nor showcase the civic and cultural spirit of Singapore. At best, it can pass off as a trendy piece of sculpture that can fit into any other city in the word.
25/01/09 Jeff, London
It's worrying to see British firms falling into the allure of trendy architecture like this! And worse to end up not doing it well at least.

This building is scary!!

Ground broken for Singapore's new icon 

Singapore is three months closer to the realisation of a remarkable landmark on the island. Aedas have designed this spectacular 54,000 sq m Singapore Civic & Cultural Center as an expression of the rich and varied activities within. Its angular, multi-faceted design creates a variety of perspectives, changing the form dramatically depending on the viewpoint.

Inside too the dynamic design serves to create a new visual experience and blurs the boundaries between the public and private realms, between the civic and cultural spaces. 24,000 sq m of retail space on the lower floors connects to the civic and cultural zones visually and spacially via a 40m high 'grand foyer'.

The focus of the cultural zone is a 5,000 seat auditorium providing the largest venue of its kind in Singapore. The remainder of the 30,000 sq m of civic and cultural space is comprised of function spaces, administration, foyers, circulation areas and artist and technical support areas.

The spectacle of the Center is most truly presented from the south elevation which, being completely open to the outside, shows the inner workings and layers as a section visible from the exterior.

The project broke ground in October and is currently making good progress towards its projected completion date in 2011 when Singapore will find its new civic and cultural signature.

Design by Executive Director Andrew Bromberg

Niki May Young
News Editor

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