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Green Void, SYDNEY, Australia

Wednesday 21 Jan 2009

Greening the void

Green Void by Laboratory for Visionary Architecture in SYDNEY, Australia
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16/01/10 mohammad Feiz mahdavi, Tehran
I would not ask for a building similar to one displayed on the web page due to zoning code in our land I ran. Buildings may not exceed a hight equal to a ywo- story building.Mohammad
16/01/10 Mohammad Feiz Mahdavi, Tehran
This type of design,though lovely, does not comply with the zoning codes of our land-Iran. Here the height of a building may not exceed that of a two-story building. Therefore I would decline to commision you to construct a building similar to the one displayed on the web page. Rather, I am looking for one more modest in design
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Soap bubbles, green lycra and minimal surface tension 

A spectacular architectural installation of green Lycra inspired by the geometries of plants, spider webs and soap bubbles has taken over five levels of the central atrium of Customs House in Sydney.

Green Void is a 20 metre high, suspended site-specific installation by international group LAVA, using the latest digital fabrication and engineering techniques.

The potential for naturally evolving systems such as snowflakes, spider webs and soap bubbles for new building typologies and structures has continued to fascinate LAVA – the geometries in nature create both efficiency and beauty. Their luxury residential tower for Michael Schumacher in Abu Dhabi, for example, is based on the design of a snowflake.

“The shape of the installation is the result of the most efficient connection of different boundaries in three-dimensional space, found in plants and corals. We determined the connection points within the space and the rest is a mathematical formula with a minimal surface. The concept was achieved with a flexible material that follows the forces of gravity, tension and growth, similar to a spider web or a coral reef,” explained LAVA Asia Pacific Director Chris Bosse.

The sculpture, based on minimal surface tension, consists of a tensioned Lycra material, digitally patterned and custom-tailored for the space. “We wanted to see how far we could take the idea of creating more space with less material, filling 3000 cubic meters, the equivalent of 8 million cola cans, with a minimal surface of 300 square meters weighing only 40 kilograms,” said Mr Bosse.

Green Void is transportable in a sports-bag to any place in the world; it can be assembled in minimal time, and is fully reusable. Chris Bosse, Tobias Wallisser and Alexander Rieck make up LAVA, Laboratory for Visionary Architecture, which has established offices in Sydney, Abu Dhabi and Stuttgart over the past 12 months.

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Laboratory for Visionary Architecture

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