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X-YYZ, Toronto, Canada

Wednesday 04 Jun 2008

Mixing it up in Toronto

X-YYZ by C & Partners Architects in Toronto, Canada
X-YYZ by C & Partners Architects in Toronto, Canada
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02/03/13 bryon, toronto
this is an update to this review - the house is now done & its amazing. it was well worth the wait & I would highly recommend lawrence dodd as an architect. be aware if its your 1st reno & you are lucky enough to get him to do the job it may take longer, much longer, than you expect. I estimated double the time we were originally quoted but it may take up to 4x the time you are originally quoted. however with lawrence you are going to get work that is as perfect as is humanly possible. we love our new house
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Lawrence Dodd explores interaction of space 

Located at the intersection of a major thoroughfare and a residential street in downtown Toronto, X-YYZ explores the interaction of private and public space and the nuances of the intermediate spaces. By setting the building back from the major street an interactive court is created, with a sense of community and public place. This is strengthened with an additional second floor court-walkway. Second floor live-work units are required by zoning ordinances. Windows of these units can be opened like a garage door with interior spaces becoming protected open air retail space. Cantilevered upper floors provide shelter to open areas below. A system of unique window panels having nanogel insulation between glass sheets provides three times the insulating value of any other material. Completely inert, it provides fire and mould protection. It is translucent, allowing about 50% natural light penetration, reducing the need for artificial daytime lighting and providing a glowing effect at night. Interchangeable window panels can be transparent, translucent or opaque to suit the residents needs. All panels and roof vents can be opened providing cross flow ventilation.

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Status preliminary design
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C & Partners Architects

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