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Strange But True

Monday 14 Apr 2008

Tribesmen in Urban Jungle

Strange But True by Strange but true
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Maasai warriors in awe of London's architecture 

Six Maasai Tribesmen who arrived in London to run the marathon on Sunday have been taken aback by features at the city's Heathrow airport. The African tribe, who are more used to the Kenyan plaines than the kind that fly in the sky, were in awe of the "moving floors" at the airport.

Isaya, the tribe’s chief, said: “Heathrow was very busy and it was difficult to walk on the floor because some of it moved. You're walking along and the next moment it's whooosh! It's difficult to get on and off but very good when you're on.”

The Maasai, whose own buildings are impermanent in nature due to their nomadic lifestyle, were also impressed with the historical architecture stating that: “The Houses of Parliament are the best buildings in London. They use very strong materials.”

Strange but true

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