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Dharavi Redevelopment, Mumbai, India

Wednesday 16 Jan 2008

Glimmer of hope for Mumbai slums

Dharavi Redevelopment by WAN Editorial in Mumbai, India
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25/03/15 PSKD, Gravesend(but came from London)
23/02/11 Gabby.L, Bristol
However have you thought of the faults of this, because even though in the long term the city would be majorly transformed into what could become a world city there are some major faults in the plan. For instance where would all the slum dwellers go whilst the redevelopment was in progress? This is a huge job that would take ages, were would everyone be re-homed. The slum currently houses around 1 million people that would have to be re-homed. This would not be very beneficial for the slum dwellers and is mainly favoured by developers. This is also a highly expensive option costing 1.1billion pounds. And redevelopment would also destroy many existing trades and businesses. The slum is generating over 6billion pounds. What would the slum dwellers do for work? And the currently amazing and efficient recycling system would be destroyed. It would also mean that would mean that not all of the slum dwellers would be eligible for re-homing. Where would al those who didn’t meet the strict re-housing guidelines go? That is why i feel that there are better ways of helping the slums. For instant providing them with materials in which to improve there conditions and having more water and resources for the city.
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24/11/10 swetank, bangalore
mr apte ,
i found your maths good and so is your concern regarding matter . But understanding the fact that the area provided to slum people is less , this is the issue of concern and should be resolved .But just because of this the project should not be scrapped. Try to look at big picture now they are living in an avg area of 200-300 sq ft , with no basic aminities and in severe condition. Not only they are at loosing side here but also is country's vast resource is totally unutilized. Not only the people are getting bennifitted here but also is the reputation of the country. Sometimes process does not look good but end result acts as mind and perspective reflector.
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11/08/09 J Hallahan, Liverpool uk
Hi I have just read an old copy of National Geographical May 2007 with this artical stating Mukesh Mehta was trying to make the lives of people more bearable Good Luck I hope you succeed
01/07/09 Suresh K, Dharavi
Everything is Ok ! But When is Has Been Ruled Out !!

Suresh Kumar
06/11/08 Rahul, Mumbai
Development should take place & its a must. But the residents are not taken into cosideration. Govt. of Maharashtra has accepted the proposal submitted by Architect, Mr. Mukesh Mehta for the redevelopment of Dharavi. But have he taken cosideration of the people ? Have he personaly meet the people of Dharavi ? Have Government boughter to take concern of the dharavi residents. Are residents of Dharavi knowing what will they get inreturns of there place ? Is Mr. Mehta Knowing about Slum Property & Estate Property in Dharavi ? If not then Govt. & Mr. Mehta should do servy again, & this time they should get concern of each & every Dharavikars. They should declair how much Sq.feet will they be giving to Slum Property & how much to Estate Propert ?
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13/09/08 Prakash M Apte, Mumbai
Dharavi is close to Mumbai's domestic and International airports. Mukesh Mehta is an American businessman cashing in on the adverse publicity given to Dharavi as a 'slum' by western media; by proposing to raze the existing home-cum workplaces of the poor artisans and cramming them in 225 sq. ft high rise buildings to get the land so vacated for commercial exploitation.

Is Dharavi really a "slum"?Despite its poor physical infrastructure, it is a thriving cottage industry complex, where products made (like leather goods, pottery etc.) have a high value added character. Families are engaged in this industry for generations. The very nature of the process of making these goods requires large tracts of open land. This is the self sufficient, self sustaining 'village' community that Mahatma Gandhi wrote about in his books on the path India should take for its development. Those claiming to be the heirs to his philosophy should seriously reconsider the proposal by Mukesh Mehta for remodeling Dharavi.

Let us look at the numbers. The entire land of 535 acres will be available free to the developer. Being a Slum Redevelopment Scheme, the FSI permissible would be 4.5. Hence, (excluding statutory open spaces), total floor area that could be built will be 4.5 times the balance land (aprox.455 acres) ie. 2047.50 acres ! For rehousing 100,000 families in 225 sq.ft. Carpet area apartments, total floor area required would be around 757.50 acres. This would leave a balance of 1290 acres of floor space for 'free sale' by the Developer!

Construction of 100,000 apartments in 20 storey buildings for the existing residents at a carpet area of 225 sq.ft. each will not cost more than Rs.250,000 per apartment (total cost Rs.2500 M.) requiring 126.5 acres of land.

The balance land of 408.50 acres is to be used by the Developer for construction of “Free Sale” apartments. At the current price of around Rs.28000 per sq. mt. the FSI available for sale would fetch approx.Rs.14448 million. Deducting the cost of 100,000 flats there would be a clear profit of Rs. 11948 million a return of 478% on the investment!!

This is a Machiavellian plan to deprive over 100,000 families of their traditional livelihood and home-cum work places so that the land close to BKC can 'host' commercial urban development that can ride piggy back on the infrastructure already created in BKC at the cost of the public exchequer and benefit the developers.

Instead why not give land tenure to the residents of Dharavi to redevelop the area and upgrade its physical environment through self help by availing institutional finance? YES, but then how can the developers reap a rich harvest of millions of Rupees for their personal benefit? Redevelopment of Dharavi, is the biggest and cruelest perfidy perpetrated on the poor of Mumbai in the name of improving the urban infrastructure and converting Mumbai into Shanghai or whichever city is fancied as a "Model" at the time of such fraud!

Prakash M Apte
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Controversial Dharavi Redevelopment 

Dharavi is the largest and highly populated slum pocket in Asia. Govt. of Maharashtra has accepted the proposal submitted by Architect, Mr. Mukesh Mehta for the redevelopment of Dharavi which, after suitable modifications, will be implemented through the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA).

During the implementation of this project, Dharavi residents will be provided with transit tenements, in close proximity of Dharavi or in Dharavi itself. The developer will bear the cost on account of rent of the transit tenements but the cost of expenditure of consumables like water, electricity, telephone etc. will have to be borne by the slum dwellers.

The development plan for Dharavi has many amenities in it; viz. wider roads, electricity, ample water supply, playgrounds, schools, colleges, medical centers, socio-cultural centers etc. For proper implementation, Dharavi has been divided into 10 sectors and sectors will be developed by different developers. The total duration of this project is excepted to be of 5 to 7 years. Rehabilitation building will be of 7 storeys.

After considering the redevelopment plan, a detailed plane table survey has been carried out to know the ground realities. Also, consent of the slum dwellers to join this project is being obtained. After obtaining suggestions & objectives from the public for the revised development plan, the same will be finalized by Govt. For each sector a detailed sectoral plan will be prepared by the selected developer in consultation with SRA. This will be placed before the public for suggestion/objectives and then finalized after due amendments.

Global tenders will be invited from developers for this project. The developer will be evaluated technically and financially by a Committee headed by the Chief Secretary of Government of Maharashtra. Each developer is required to explain his development strategy in his sector and obtain objectives & suggestions from the residents before starting the development process.

Taking into consideration the various industrial units in Dharavi, it is being proposed that, non-polluting industrial / businesses will be retained in Dharavi itself. All the established businesses and manufacturing units will be encouraged and will be provided with modern technical and economical strategies for sustainable development.

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